The November Challenge: We’re flying you to SF!

Udemy is giving back to our instructors this month.

We’re holding a November Challenge to recognize the instructors who hustle month after month to find new students for their courses. Here are the terms:

For any instructor who earns $200 or more in the month of November from coupon code-driven course sales will receive a free Udemy hoodie! Trust me—you want one of these hoodies. They look great, and they’re comfortable!

For our top selling instructor this month, we’ll fly you and a guest to SF for two nights! We’ll cover your flight, hotel, and dinner with the Udemy crew. If you live in SF, then we’ll fly you anywhere you want in the continental US. Pretty sweet!

In October, we saw what our instructors are truly capable of. We were blown away when we realized October was our BIGGEST MONTH EVER. That means our instructor community is inventing new ways to reach more and more people with your core message and course content.

Let’s continue the momentum and rock November! And hopefully I’ll be meeting you in person in SF very soon. ;)