The Next Wave of the Sharing Economy

Say goodbye to your grandmother’s sharing economy: there’s a new kid on the block, and he’s got brains.

In the first wave of the sharing economy, we relied on a network to share goods and to perform historically lower-wage jobs: driving, delivery, cleaning, and furniture assembly. Individuals also looked to capitalize on existing assets—a home or car sitting unused – and turned to companies like eBay or Craigslist to profit. As time has progresses, marketplaces for highly skilled workers, are ushering in a new wave of the sharing economy—one where participants share expertise that was mostly living only in their own heads or workplaces.

In an economy where skilled workers continue to feel insecure in their jobs, people are asking what they can do to find more certainty in the workplace. Workers are looking to the sharing economy to revamp their skills, add to their income and become more competitive on the job. It’s time for skilled experts to share their knowledge more broadly. As they do so, the economic and social benefits of this next wave of sharing expertise – where we share new knowledge and expertise with the entire world – will be immense.

We illustrated this take on the sharing economy in our latest infographic: