Welcome to The New Udemy!

Over the last year and a half, you have given us product feedback, talked to our team, shared your stories, and most importantly, you’ve learned with us. Thank you!

We have been listening, and we are very excited to announce our biggest product change yet – The New Udemy!

Let’s have a look at what’s new.

Personalized Course Discovery

Our course library has grown quite a bit — more than 10x since last year — and we are still seeing around 100 new courses being published every month, which includes 1000+ hours of video content and 100’s of articles, presentations and e-books etc… And those numbers are growing by 50% every month.

We had to rethink how can you discover the best, most relevant courses in our library; to do this we built a personalized course discovery engine. It will recommend courses by analyzing your interests, past activity and social data. It even gets smarter the more you use Udemy. It’s similar to Netflix’s recommendation engine in that sense. We are also presenting more information and user reviews to help you pick the best courses.

Progress Tracking

Many of you requested to have the ability to see your progress while taking a course so we integrated this feature into the new site. You will be able to see your progress in the “my courses” section with a link that will take you directly to where you  left off in the course. You can also see your updated progress while transitioning between lectures and with more details in the course dashboard.

The New Course Taking Experience

We built the best course taking experience out there for you, and this is where the new site really shines. Full screen UI that takes advantage of all of your browser real estate, easy transitions between lectures, a powerful Quora style question & answer feature, an extras section with additional lecture materials, time tagged note taking, and a course dashboard with all details to capture your experience.

Starting now, you’ll be able to switch to the new version of Udemy. Go on, Give it a try :-).

– Eren Bali, CEO and Co-Founder, Udemy

PS – Please give us feedback and share your thoughts on the new Udemy! We want to make it amazing for you and the entire Udemy community.

PPS – Heads up, we will be launching a native iPad application and a new version of our signature course creation platform in the very near future. Stay tuned!