Technical Writer Job Description

technical writer job descriptionTechnical writing is designed to help make some incredibly complex things simple. The goal of technical writing is usually to help a specific group of people follow a certain set of actions in order to achieve their goal. A lot of the things that you find around you on a daily basis are written by technical writers.

For example, the instruction you received to help you build your bookshelf or assemble a piece of furniture in your home was most likely written by a technical writer. When you read the instructions on a container of food that tells you the best way to prepare it that too was written by a technical writer. What a technical writer does varies depending on what sort of job they have and what kinds of things they are writing about.

A lot of people try to become technical writers due to the fact that it is a great career with a lot of demand. However, developing the skills and understanding what is needed to be this kind of writer can be a daunting task. The Udemy course Technical Writing Made Easy helps explain the job of a technical writer and details how they perform their job.

The Definition of Technical Writing 

Technical writing is a very broad field. It can involve something as simple as communicating in social media sites to talking about incredibly complicated subjects, such as aeronautics and robotics. Technical writing is anything that follows one or more of these characteristics.

  • A form of writing that communicates about a specific topic, which can include things from medical procedures, regulations for food or the environment, or even computer software and hardware applications.
  • A form of writing that communicates through technology. This writing can appear in web pages, on various social media sites, and even as help files to teach people how to use a specific type of software.
  • A form of writing that teaches people how to do something by giving it instructions, no matter how technical the task may appear to be.

Because technical writing encompasses so many forms of writing, it can practically be anything from a simple instruction manual to a highly detailed guide on how to build an airplane for aerodynamic stability.

Many people start off with very simple technical writing jobs and then gradually move themselves upwards to more complicated tasks. If you want to learn how to be a technical writer, check out the Udemy course Technical Writing and Editing, which is all about breaking down technical documents and teaching you how to write and edit them on your own. 

Working Conditions 

The job is a technical writer can be just as difficult as any other writing profession. Most technical writers work in offices and they interact with a variety of their co-workers. Engineers, managers, and other experts are in constant communication with a technical writer so that they can understand the product or service that they need to write about.

The process of a technical writer begins with them learning about the material that their writing about and then taking that information to write their own document. Being a technical writer requires the ability to quickly understand things and explain those things in a way for anyone else to understand as well.

In order to become a technical writer, a person must have the ability to not only communicate well with others, but also the ability to teach and communicate with various forms of technology. When a person becomes an advanced technical writer, they often move into specialized fields, such as information management or API writing. 

Technical writing can be viewed as a form of business writing, depending on how it is used. Udemy has a great Business Writing course, which is focused on teaching writers about the way to professionally write documents for the office.

Types of Documents Written by Technical Writers

Technical writing documents can usually be broken down into three categories. The first category and the most common is the end-user documentation. These are the documents that provide instructions to the user in some way shape or form.

Guides on how to assemble furniture, how to use software, help with using a particular tool or item, these are all of the different types of end-user guides that are written by technical professionals.

The next type of technical writing is a bit more complicated. Traditional technical writing is the type of writing that can be found in medical and scientific documents. These documents are highly scrutinized and reviewed seeing as they are used for important purposes.

Another form of this type of writing is reviews and reports. Reports such as legal cases, schematics, and different diagrams are all made by those who are more traditional technical writers.

The final type of technical writing is marketing content. This is the content that makes you consider purchasing a product after you’ve read about how it helps with certain problems.

A technical writer usually deals with the research that goes into these products. Performing tasks, such as case studies that go into detail on how the company is performing with a particular product and whether or not it is selling. They can also write advertisements, different types of brochures, proposals to other businesses, and whatever else is needed for the company.

There is no shortage on the type of articles that can be written as a technical writer, but don’t let the wide variety intimidate you. You can find tons of technical writing examples on the Udemy blog.

Becoming an Effective Technical Writer 

It cannot be stressed enough that technical writing requires excellent communication skills. Being able to convey a specific message to a group of people through your writing is not something that can be done easily.

Check out the Business and Technical Writing Immersion course that Udemy offers. It helps you understand what a technical writer does and teaches you how to write about complex subject matters in a way that anyone can understand.