Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and representAn effective teamwork activity is one that boosts morale, improves productivity and communication, and helps strengthen the relationships between team members. While there are plenty of fun, engaging activities that teams can participate in, it’s important to have a particular goal in mind when organizing teamwork activities. Without a goal in mind, teams may enjoy the day yet go back to their everyday jobs without improving on any aspect of their productivity or communication.

Are you up for this challenge? This post can help get you there! Even the most simple games can be a part of a larger team goal. Did you know that even a simple “get to know you” game such as Two Truths and a Lie can actually help strengthen a team? Who knew? I’ve compiled a handful of fun activities that focus on strengthening different aspects of a successful team.

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Without effective communication, how can a team ever complete anything together? If your team is suffering because team members don’t feel comfortable consulting with each other to make an important decision, it’s time to introduce some ice breakers.

Decision Making

icebreakers for meetingsAfter all, decision making is one of the biggest aspects of being part of a team. Two heads are better than one, so more than two heads have to be even better than that, right? Unfortunately, coming to a decision that everyone agrees upon can prove to be a difficult task. In order to ease the burden, team members can practice coming to a conclusion together with games that require easier decisions.

Problem Solving

This activity is one that kills two birds with one stone. From start to finish, teams need to know how to collaborate efficiently in order to reach a particular goal. In many cases, they’ll need to look at the problem from all angles and offer their own opinions to come to a conclusion.


teamwork activitiesA creative mind is not only found in the mind of an artist. Business men, lawyers and politicians all have to be creative in their own way. Solving problems requires innovative thinking and a fresh look on outdated ideas. Stimulate creativity with a fun exercise that takes less than a half hour!

Outcomes of Successful Teamwork Activities

Team building exercises shouldn’t only be implemented once or twice a year. In order for these activities to be effective, they must be a semi-regular part of the workplace. Whoever is leading these activities should begin by elaborating on the overall goal that is meant to be achieved by the exercise (whether it be communication, decision making, problem solving, creativity, etc), and then follow-up on that goal afterwards. If team activities happen at least once a month, there is a greater chance that the positive effects will begin to show in the real work that is being done.

Once team members know how to work with each other effectively, productivity and happiness both increase in the office. Who doesn’t want a successful, happy team? If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on leading an engaging a team, Udemy’s course on building a successful team will give you all of that and more!

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