Teaching Online Courses and Gaining Leadership Skills at Work

Putting in time and effort outside of office hours is a sure way to invest in your career and your future chances of promotion to teaching online coursesleadership positions. But what are the most productive uses of your free time for gaining skills and success in the workplace? How can you use your time to invest in yourself and your employability?

Becoming a Udemy instructor and teaching online courses in your area of speciality is an excellent way to improve your skills, your income, and your resume.

As the employment market grows ever more challenging, there is an increasing demand not only for skills, but for experience and expertise. Employers are searching for individuals with track records and impressive portfolios, furthermore, they are searching for leadership skills in people who can take their businesses forward by inspiring and teaching others.

As the job and business economy presents more and more challenges it is important not only to have the skills and authority for a position, but to be able to demonstrate these at a crucial time, such as while networking, in an interview, or when a promotion could be on the horizon. Hard and fast facts about your capabilities are likely to be what people remember, so invest some time in a strategy that will develop and assert your leadership skills.

Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – demonstrate to your employers that you are skilled enough not only to perform in your role, but to teach others to do the same in a creative and modern way, by teaching well curated and well attended online courses.

The udemy.com platform connects knowledgable professionals, experts, and enthusiasts with a market of over 2 million eager students. By teaching online courses on Udemy, you can supplement your income, invest in your own leadership skills, and demonstrate an impressive grasp on the future of information and learning.

But what are employers looking for in business leaders? Most of us can agree that honesty and integrity are essential elements that should be demonstrated at all times. Of course the ability to delegate is a core leadership skill, but what Forbes also lists as essential skills are “The Four C’s” – communication, creativity, confidence, and commitment. I know these are the key traits I would be searching for when trying to find a good leader.

Not only is experience of teaching online courses indisputable evidence of confidence and good communication skills, but the high-quality resources and carefully built course structures owned by Udemy instructors also demonstrate high levels of creativity, commitment, and resourcefulness. By using your initiative to build and market a slick multimedia course you are increasing your value on the job market and showcasing your expertise while making a profit. This three pronged investment will not only feed your professional development exponentially, it could even see you becoming a leader in your sector offline.

Whatever your business niche is, Udemy can help you to build a course. Our diverse team of instructors earn an average of $7,000 from their courses, and because of our global reach 96% of our many courses are attended and enjoyed by students all over the world. Delivering earnings and attendance statistics is another great way to relate your authority on a subject and your capability to lead and inspire others.

The first step to asserting and differentiating yourself as a business leader is to learn about your potential. While ‘The Four C’s’ are great virtues, they are only of value when you can back them up with effective action. Establish your leadership style, and perfect your skills in a way that suits you. Building and teaching online courses and dealing with students questions is a great way to perfect your communication skills and understand how best to lead others. Use your knowledge and even your resources from the course to demonstrate your ability to lead in a natural and relaxed way. Take this same approach into the workplace and you will find that your confidence and authority will noticeably increase.

Instructors have access to a wealth of support in developing and promoting their skills and their multimedia courses on Udemy, and once the course has been developed instructors own 100% of the content, and keep 100% of the profit from the students they bring to the course. Not only does this show employers that you are enterprising, it helps you to structure all of your knowledge in a way that is easy for others to digest. Teaching online courses not only relays your passion to others, but also your expertise.

A growing number of instructors are devoting time to developing their teaching and leadership skills via Udemy, and are finding that this creates opportunities and improvements offline too, not least by bolstering their professional credibility. Teaching online courses relevant to your profession is a great way to maximise your income and career development – becoming a leader in the cloud, and in the office.