tagalog phrasesTagalog, or Filipino, is the official language of the Philippines. If you are taking a trip to the Philippines, it would prove useful to learn some commonly used Tagalog phrases for your travels. Learning basic Tagalog phrases and expressions will enable you to communicate with the locals while abroad. Just as in anywhere you travel, local people appreciate if you make an effort to learn at least a little bit of their language, such as greetings and common questions. Learning a foreign language is also a great way to learn more about the people and culture of the place you are visiting.

Let’s take a look at some commonly used Tagalog phrases and vocabulary words and their pronunciations. Try to memorize them. Once you start learning the basics of a language, it becomes easier to progress in the language, it just takes practice!

Tagalog Greetings

The following Tagalog phrases are commonly used to greet people. Memorize them so can use them in your travels when you are out and about and meeting new people!

English Phrase                         Tagalog Phrase

Hello!                                           Kumusta!

Good morning!                        Magandang Umaga!

Good evening!                         Magandang Gabi!

How are you?                          Kumusta?

I’m fine, thanks!                     Mabuti naman, Salamat!

And you?                                  At ikaw?

Please.                                        Paki

Thank you!                               Salamat!

You’re welcome.                   Walang anuman.

See you later!                          Sa muling pagkikita!

Goodbye!                                  Paalam

Asking for Help and Directions

The following Tagalog phrases are helpful for asking for assistance and directions.

I’m lost                                                        Ako’y nawawala

Can I help you?                                        Pwede ba kitang tulungan?

Can you help me?                                    Pwede mo ba akong tulungan?

Where is the bathroom?                       Nasaan ang palikuran?

Go straight, then turn left/right.       Diretso lang, tapos kaliwa/kanan.

I’m looking for Mary.                             Hinahanap ko si Mary.

One moment, please.                              Isang Saglit lang po.

Hold on, please. (phone)                       Sandali lamang po.

How much is this?                                    Magkano ito?

Excuse me. (To ask for something.)  Makisuyo po.

Excuse me! (To pass by.)                       Makikiraan po!

Come with me!                                           Samama ka sa akin!

Where is the…?                                          Nasaan hô ang…?

What time does the…arrive/leave?     Anóng oras hô áalis/darating ang.?

Boat                                                    bapór

Bus                                                      bus

Plane                                                  eroplno

Train                                                  tren

I’d like a ticket.                              Tiket nga hô.

One-way                                           isáng one-way

Return                                               isáng round-trip

Turn.                                                   Liko hô.

To the right.                                     kanan hô

To the left.                                        kaliwá hô

Behind.                                               sa likod ng.

In front of.                                        sa harap ng.

Opposite.                                           katapát ng

North                                                   norte/hilagà

South                                                   sud/timog

East                                                       silangun

West                                                      kanluran

As you learn basic Tagalog phrases and become more familiar with the language, you will feel more confident speaking the language and learning to converse in Tagalog. Learning basic survival phrases for your travels is a great way to start learning the language!

How to Introduce Yourself

Learn the following Tagalog phrases to be able to introduce yourself to others in Tagalog.

English phrase                                     Tagalog Phrase

What is your name?                           Ano ang pangalan mo?

My name is…                                        Ako ay si…

Mr./Mrs./Miss                                     Ginoo/Ginang/Binibining

Where are you from?                         Taga-saan ka ba?

I’m from the Philippines                  Taga Pilipinas ako.

I’m American.                                      Ako ay Amerikano.

Where do you live?                             Saan ka nakatira?

I live in the Philippines.                    Nakatira ako sa Pilipinas.

Did you like it here?                           Gusto mo ba dito?

I like Tagalog.                                      Gusto ko ang Tagalog.

I’ve been learning Tagalog for one month.   Pinag-aralan ko ang tagalog ng                                                                                              isang buwan.

That’s good!                                          Mabuti iyan!

How old are you?                               Ilang taon ka na?

I’m twenty years old.                       Ako’y dalawampung taon gulang na.

I have to go.                                         Kailangan ko ng umalis.

I will be right back.                            Babalik ako.

Tagalog Survival Phrases

The following Tagalog phrases are helpful to know to solve any misunderstandings as well as ask how to say words you do not yet know in Tagalog. Incorporating a language learning method may make learning Tagalog faster and easier. Give it a try!  As your knowledge of Tagalog progresses, you will not have to rely on these survival phrases, but they are always helpful and important to know. Let’s take a look!

English Phrase                                                           Tagalog Phrase

I’m sorry. (If you don’t hear something.)       Pakiulit nga po.

Sorry (for a mistake)                                               Pasensya na.

No problem!                                                               Walang Problema!

Can you say it again?                                              Pakisabi nga ulit?

Can you speak slowly?                   Pwedeng pakihinaan ang iyong pagsasalita?

Write it down, please.                                            Pakisulat nga po.

I don’t understand.                                                Hindi ko maintindihan.

I don’t know.                                                             Hindi ko alam.

I have no idea.                                                          Wala akong ideya.

How do you say…in Tagalog?                       Paano mo sabihin ang…sa tagalog?

What is this?                                                              Ano ito ?

My Tagalog is bad.                                                 Ang tagalog ko ay mali.

I need to practice my Tagalog.    Kailangan ko pang pag-aralan ang tagalog.

Don’t worry!                                                            Huwag kang mag-alala.

Tagalog Expressions and Words

The following Talalog words and expressions are used in everyday conversation. Practice saying them and memorizing how to pronounce them, and slowly but surely build your Tagalog vocabulary.

English Word/Expression                       Tagalog Word/Expression

Good/bad                                                        Maganda/Masama      

Big/small                                                         Malaki/maliit

Today/now                                                     Ngayon

Tomorrow/yesterday                                Bukas/kahapon

Yes/no                                                             Oo/hindi

Here you go! (When giving something.)         Para sa iyo!

Do you like it?                                                            Nagustuhan mo ba?

I really like it!                                                            Nagustahan ko talaga!

I’m hungry/thirsty.                                                Ako’y nagugutom/nauuhaw.

In the morning/evening/at night.                     Sa umaga/hapon/gabi.

This/that.                                                         Ito/iyan.

Here/there.                                                     Dito/dyan.

Me/you.                                                           Ako/ikaw.

Him/her.                                                           Si/ya.

Really!                                                                Talaga!

Look!                                                                   Tingnan mo!

What?                                                                  Ano?

Where?                                                               Saan?

What time is it?                                               Anong oras na?

Give me this.                                                   Ibigay mo sa akin ito.


Following are the numbers one through ten in Tagalog.

English Number                                              Tagalog Number

One, Two, Three                                             Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo

Four, Five, Six                                                Apat, Lima, Anim

Seven, Eight                                                     Pito, Walo

Nine, Ten                                                           Siyam, Sampu

Practice these Tagolog phrases, or Filipino expressions, and words. Try to memorize them to be able to use them during your daily conversation while traveling abroad or any time you would like to speak Tagolog. Try using vocabulary memorization methods and tools to make the learning process more smooth and easy for you. Get started today!

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