Udemy Sponsors Apple Swift and iOS 8 Developer Hands-on Workshop

Our very own top-rated instructor and web developer Rob Percival flew in from Cambridge, England for a special tutorial session at the NRCEA conference center in Arlington, VA last week. More than 220 attendees gathered for a live, hands-on presentation of Apple Swift and iOS 8 language fundamentals.

Food and drinks were served, and networking amongst all levels of developers, designers and user experience experts ensued. Rob then delivered a subset of his popular Udemy course, “The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps” covering the current development environment, basic features of Swift and iOS 8, and an app making demo.

It was exciting for me to see so many people interested in learning to code, and the feedback was great. Swift is an excellent opportunity for anyone to learn how to make iOS apps,” shared Rob.

Attendees also received awesome giveaways including course discounts and a grand prize of an iPad Mini. If we missed you this time, be sure to catch the full video recording next week.

RobMeetup1 RobMeetup2 RobMeetup4 RobMeetup5

Big thanks to our partners NRECA and 64clicks for making it all possible – we look forward to the next great event!

More About Rob

Rob Percival is a web developer and teacher with a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. Rob is also the author of top-rated courses “The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites” andThe Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps” at Udemy.com.