The Sun Tarot Card Interpretation

TarotAs human beings, we are prone to become anxious and even distressed about events that may occur in the near future, which causes us to be constantly on the lookout for signs that may present even the slightest of clues about what is to come. The inevitable draw of an uncertain future has led millions to seek out tarot card readers, who assess the future and past of individuals through the drawing of a handful of tarot cards, each with distinct meanings. In the sections to follow, we will focus on the Sun Tarot card, as well as the various meanings associated with it.

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Sun Tarot Description

Much like the commonly used metaphor comparing daylight to goodness and life, while attributing despair and death to nighttime, the Sun tarot card represents optimism and the better aspects of life. The Sun is one of the greatest symbolic representations of growth and life, providing the tools necessary for all living things to flourish. A series of images are present on the Sun Tarot card including a child riding on a white horse, a collection of sunflowers, a flowing orange banner, and the Sun itself. The child represents our inner most self, the truest representation of each individual’s very essence. The young one appears naked, symbolizing the lack of secrets he has to hide, as well as the purity of childhood. His horse, which is presented without saddle or bridle, is said to be symbolic of the strength of the spirit, as well as its purity.

As the child rides upon the back of his noble steed, he grips an orange banner in his left hand, which is meant to be representative of taking action and the liveliness that is present throughout an individual’s life. The Sun, presented behind the seen and appearing to overlook the world below, symbolizes the vivacity of life, as well as the need to accomplish and succeed. The sunflowers, four in number, placed atop a white wall behind the horse and child, are significant of the growth and opportunities available to those who seek them out. Each of the four sunflowers is seen to be representative of each of the four elements.

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Upright Sun Tarot Card

When the Sun Tarot card is drawn upright, it symbolizes the abundance, radiance, and success that are bound to become present in your life in the near future, if they have not already appeared. This card also represents your lighter side that works like the sun to brighten up the lives of those around you. Focusing on the more internal aspects, the Sun tarot brings peace and happiness to every area of your life by assisting in helping you look towards the bright side and focus on the positivity that will come from unpleasant situations. Maintaining this positive mindset and adhering to the theories of the Sun tarot will work to get you through the toughest of times and, in addition, increase your strength time and time again. Like the sun, you shine on the lives of those you care about and radiate positive energy.

Right now, life seems to be going according to plan for you; your goals appear to be just out of your grasp, but soon may be within reach. The promise of inevitable success brings about a sense of peace and confidence within; the darkest days have passed and, with each passing day, the sun shines brighter and brighter. Your life is defined by enthusiasm and energy, persisting in the face of both adversity and opportunity. The Sun tarot card comes with a promise that hardships are going to fade away and be replaced by successes and victories. The obstacles that stood in the way of your path have been pushed to the side and joy is within sight.

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Reversed Sun Tarot Card

Running predictably contrary to the interpretation of the Upright Sun Tarot card, drawing the Reversed Sun Tarot card signifies difficulty in finding the light within your life, as well as a great deal of perceived distance of success. Your life may have been thrown off track by some unforeseen setback and you are currently attempting to find your way back to the path. As a result of these unfortunate events, your optimism and usual pleasant nature may have been reduced to the point that looking for the good now requires a great deal more effort than previously, causing you to feel down or depressed, perhaps even a bit ignored or forgotten. However, despite the discouraging nature of this card, the Sun Tarot is not intended to be negative, so the pessimism that you may be feeling is only temporary and will pass as soon as you have jumped over the hurdles that happen to be blocking your path.

A secondary meaning associated with this specific card is the possibility that your life is filled with too much positivity, causing you to view situations with unrealistic optimism. Though optimism is typically seen in a positive light, possessing too much of this trait may cause problems when it is necessary to devise a practical solution to a serious issue. While assuming that everything will work itself out in the end usually works to put your mind at ease, it may also extend the difficulty longer than it would if you looked upon the issue as something to be actively dealt with immediately. This card may also represent your inclination to pursue goals that are too far out of reach and set yourself up for failure.

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