The Strength Tarot: So Good It’s Like Cheating

strength tarotThe Strength Tarot is not a deceitful or even perplexing card, like so many of them can be. While full of many meanings, the Strength Tarot is almost always a delightful card to receive. This guide explains just about everything you could possibly want to know about the Strength Tarot, from what the different features of the card indicate to what the Strength card can mean when dealt with other cards. If you have a burning desire to learn more about Tarot, check out this great course on how to become a professional Tarot reader from scratch.

What Is The Strength Tarot?

The Strength Tarot is a beautiful and serene card. It is also quite simple and is not as overwhelming as, say,  the Chariot. The two most prominent objects in the card are a woman and a lion. The background of the card, which is mean to be the sky, is typically a deep gold. The woman has a lemniscate above her head; the infinity symbol. She also wears a belt and tiara of flowers, which are representative of natural beauty, pure expression and mortal life. Her gown is white (symbolizing innocence and purity).

The Woman: The woman is smiling calmly and is both caressing and holding the lion, as if gently controlling him. One hand, the left, seems more forceful and is located on the lion’s forehead; the other is stroking him under his jaw. The lion is symbolic of our baser desires, and is pictured in the card as being very content to be controlled. Many people are surprised that a woman is the gender chosen to represent strength, but this is clearly intentional and meant to indicate that not all strength is physical.

The Mountain: Finally, the green ground on which the woman and lion stand stretches into the distance, where a blue mountain rises up. This is the same mountain from the Lovers card and, almost needless to say, is phallic in nature (again, when combined with the lion, these form our earthly passions).

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What Does The Strength Tarot Mean?

Rising Up: While the strength card is not necessarily perplexing, it is quite complex. On a very topical level, the Strength Tarot is a sign of extremely high consciousness and thinking; of the variety, even, that many people do not have the power to possess for long, if at all. This card shows that, at least for the time being, you have the strength you need to truly rise above worldly matters or obstacles.

Look Inside: Whereas the Chariot card represent a more physical or outwardly obvious strength, the Strength Tarot is all about inner strength. It is the power of the human spirit. It represents a dichotomy we all wish we could possess: energy, stamina, determination, calm and peacefulness. This combination of qualities is, indeed, unbelievably powerful.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: And yet, this power, as represented by the woman, is ultimately controlled by an empathetic or compassionate vision. Tenderness conquers the fierce lion. Tolerance can be used to cause large shifts. The Strength card is not endowing you with these new powers, however; it is merely showing you that they are inside yourself and that now may a time to summon them or to take advantage of them.

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Past, Present And Future

When you are dealt a Tarot reading, you have card positions in the past, present and future. Let’s look at what the Strength card means in each position:

Past: When the Strength card appears in the past position, it tends to signify that your favorable current standings were a result of past strength or of using compassion to control your circumstances. You may have been recently tested morally; if you were, it is likely you succeeded in honoring your beliefs. It can, however, also mean that you have mastered your past desires and are looking into the future for a new way to challenge yourself.

Present: This is the position most people desire to see the Strength card. It represents incredible power in the present. You are literally in the process of conquering a wildness you have always desired to conquer. And yet you do all of this calmly, serenely and with a reassuring (but not arrogant) confidence.

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Future: The future position is almost as good as the present. It indicates that you are probably struggling with the current state of affairs; maybe you have even betrayed yourself. The good news is that you are on the way to summoning the power inside you to finally control what is bothering you. Many people believe that the happy look on the lion’s face is a sign that you can be openly powerful and not resented; your true self will naturally make the beastliness obey; there is no need to use force.

With Other Cards

Even Stronger: The Strength card can be made stronger when accompanied by Temperance or The Magician. These give the person dealt the cards even greater control. The Tower card is also an excellent match; as the Tower represents events that cannot be controlled, this combination means that your strength will inadvertently benefit you and others; in other words, luck will be on your side.

Different Interpretations: There are really no terrible cards that can be dealt with the Strength card. Some, like Eight of Clubs, encourage you to leave worldly comforts behind and make your own way in life (not always what people want to hear). There is also the Eight of Swords, which is means that you are more ignorant to the situation than in control of it. The two other Eight cards – of Wands and of Pentacles – are associated with strength and represent creative control and success in finance, respectively.

Speaking Of Finance

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