Street Magic Tricks That Just About Anyone Can Perform!

street magic tricksWho doesn’t love a nice, unexpected surprise?  Street magic tricks have been around for ages, and don’t expect them to die out anytime soon.  They are great way to meet people on the street and show off your talent.  And you don’t need to be a professional magician or illusionist to pull them off.  Don’t believe me yet?  Check out these four beginning level street magic tricks that can be performed by just about anyone.  All it takes is a lot of practice and  good communication skills to execute the trick perfectly and sell it to the audience.

One thing to remember is a good street performer must have good public speaking skills.  If you tend to get shy around people or speak with a soft, your magic trick will not has the same effectiveness as it would if you engaged the audience with good showmanship.  Practice these tricks in front of a mirror if you have to, and rehearse what you want to say to yourself.  Even if you fail the first time you try one of these tricks in public, don’t worry about it.  Everyone has to start from somewhere.  And with that said, let’s get back to the magic!

Arm Twister

After you tell the participant to mimic your action of putting your hand on the table, you twist your arm in a complete 360 degree turn, making the audience gasp in disbelief.


Your arm and a long sleeve shirt.


While your hand is on the table, make sure your fingers are pointing towards your body.  It might take some practice as your arm will feel uncomfortable when first doing this.  Make sure your fingers are pointing left and then turn your palm facing up, but keep turning the hand over the same way until it is face down again.  When wearing a long sleeve shirt, it gives the illusion as if your hand is just turned sideways to the left, but in reality it’s just twisted 270 degrees to the right.

What To Do:

Put your hand on the table or any flat surface where you want to perform the trick.  Tell the participant to copy your exactly movements and start slowly twisting your arm counter clockwise.  When your fingers are to point to the left, distract him from your movement by saying something such as “move over a bit so you can get a better view of what I’m doing”.  Or say anything that throws his attention off of your arm.  Then point to his hand or push him away a bit with your other hand, and do the secret move while his eyes are focused elsewhere.  After you’ve executed the secret move, then let him continue to try and copy you, in which he will be unsuccessful.  You can add more effect to this trick by putting a plastic cup or hard cellophane tucked underneath your armpit to make a crunching sound.  This will make the audience cringe.

Magical Time

Borrow a watch from a participant and show the audience what time it is.  Place the watch face down in the participant’s hand and have him cover it with his fingers.  Ask him to pick a number and then concentrate on that number and the watch.  Then as he opens his hand and turns over the watch, he sees that the hands of the watch have moved that many more minutes.  There are no secrets involved to make this work.


Someone with a watch that has a long stem, which is easy to change time quickly.  You also need to wear a watch of your own that has the wrong time.

What To Do:

Start by asking a participant “I think I have the wrong time on my watch, can I see yours for a second?”.  When the participant hands you the watch, examine it for a few seconds.  State the time it shows, and say “Is this the right time?”  Now look at your watch, and draw attention by setting its time.  While they are looking at you, set the time on your watch.  With your other hand, move their stem so their time is moved forward 25 minutes.  Now have them sandwich their watch between their hands, and ask the participant to pick a number from ten to thirty.  Usually people will say 25, but even if they say 20 they won’t notice it’s off by five minutes when you reveal that the hands on their watch moved forward in time.  If they pick a number below 20, have them pick a higher number.  Make an excuse like “pick a higher number to make it more difficult for me.”  Remember, the key to this trick is misdirection, so be sure to occupy the audience’s attention as much as possible.

Resurrect The Fly

Go with the participant to a nearby car on the street, and pick a dead fly off the windshield.  Hold the fly in your hand and use your other hand to do a few passes to make it look like you are concentrating.  The fly will slowly come back to life and your spectators will be shocked.


A car and a fly

What To Do:

You will need to setup a few things before doing this trick.  First you need to catch a fly and freeze it, which puts it in a temporary coma.  Swatting the fly hard enough to immobilize it and place it in a container will suffice.  Once its frozen, quickly take it to a parked car and put it on the windshield.  It is important that the car is in the shade, otherwise the fly will defrost too quickly.  Instead of putting the fly in the freezer, you can also freeze it with dry ice or an aerosol canned air product used for computer cleaning.  This makes the fly revive quick and does less damage to it.

Once that is done, go and find a participant on the street.  Tell him what you plan to do but don’t say that you already have a car picked out.  Walk towards the car and pretend you found it at random.  Pick the fly up carefully and place it on your palm.  The heat from your hand will revive the fly, which should soon start to move.  To really sell the trick, practice a few times to see how long it takes exactly for the fly to move.  Once you determine this, work on selling the trick to make it look like you really revived it.

Window Card

street magic tricksAsk the participant to pick a card at random without showing you and replace it in the deck.  Shuffle the deck and pretend that you are not able to locate that card.  After a few tries, the cards are thrown against a window out of frustration.  Magically, the chosen card is seen stuck on inside part of the window.


2 identical decks of cards and an assistant

What To Do:

Make sure you perform this trick in an area with a large window nearby and with the participant facing away from the window.  Have the participant choose a card from the deck and memorize it, without showing it to you.  Tell him to put the card back into the deck and shuffle it well.  Pick a card out and ask the participant, “is this your card?”  After he says no, ask again for the next card and do this three or four times.  Pretend you are disappointed in yourself.  Before you throw the cards, make sure the deck is squared up.  Then throw the pack broadside at the window, where they will hit the window and fall to the ground except the chosen card, which is sticking on the window.  Your helper should be positioned behind the window with the identical deck.  The helper also will have seen the chosen card since he was positioned behind the participant.  Have the assistant walk away from the window sneakily after he placed it in the window, and be sure to pick up the cards you threw quickly before anyone notices what really happened.

Want More Tricks?

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