Stay at Home Mom Jobs that Turn Your Skills into Profits

stay at home mom jobsMothers are some of the most qualified staff on the planet, and yet because they have spent a few years out of the workplace, they tend not to recognize their own skills. As the global economy weakens and prices increase almost on a daily basis, it is becoming more and more necessary to create stay at home mom jobs that create supplementary income for the average household, and the skills that mother’s can bring to a workplace are essential for creating a strong economy and strong families. Here are the skills sets that you as a mother may already possess that will help you create a stable secondary income. Work at Home…No Scams! Is a great course that will help you identify work at home jobs and work at home opportunities and it will show you how to set up a business as an Independent Contractor.

Let’s examine the skills that mothers possess that make excellent skills for starting up your own business or for making you a valuable part of the workforce. Skills like caring, organizational skills, creative skills, and other home making skills are all skills that can easily be converted to financially rewarding skills or careers.

Creating a Viable Income from Your Ability to Care

Mothers generally tend to develop exceptional caring skills. Taking care of children and other people becomes second nature to a lot of mothers, and yet most mothers do not recognize how important or economically viable these skills can be. Take the daycare industry for example. Thousands of working mothers rely on daycare and after school care to help them take care of their loved ones whilst they are earning a living.

Establishing your own daycare business can be a great way to create a stable secondary income if you love taking care of children. The most important ability or skill you need to run a daycare center, is the ability to love and communicate with children to ensure their safety and happiness. Although there are a number of other business skills that are required for you to run your own daycare business, these skills can be taught or learned. If you feel that running a daycare center is the kind of business you would like to invest your time and effort in, then Work From Home: How to Start a Home Daycare Business is a great course that will teach you all the ins and outs of starting your own daycare business.

Another great resource that may help you if you decide to start your own daycare is the Feeding your Little One: Nutrition for Infants & Toddlers course. This course will teach you what toddlers and infants need to eat to stay healthy, what foods to avoid for younger children, and this course offers different strategies to help you to encourage your little ones to eat more vegetables and other healthy foods.

If you love teaching children and you enjoy staying in shape, then you may make a great yoga teacher. Getting started in Kids Yoga – with Jaime from Cosmic Kids will show you how to get started teaching kids yoga, as well as showing you the equipment and skills you’ll need to teach a safe and inspiring yoga class.

Turning Your Organizational Skills into Good Secondary Income

Mothers also tend to have or develop great organizational skills. The ability to keep track of multiple schedules, which child has exams, and an entire household of daily chores and requirements, requires a steady head and superior organizational skills. These skills are financially lucrative if they are aimed at the different sectors within the business arena.

Take working with a household budget for example- efficiently running the household finances and budget can easily be translated to running the finances for a small business. If you love balancing the checkbook and making sure that your family is able to live on a shoestring budget, then you already possess the skills to help a small business run on their often meager budgets and all you may need to translate this valuable skill into a very viable and stable secondary income may be a course in bookkeeping.

There is a huge demand for qualified online bookkeepers to work from home to keep track of various small business’s finances. A course like Quickbooks 2013 Training – Bookkeeping Made Easy will teach you how to use QuickBooks online to effectively keep track of a company’s finances. This QuickBooks training course will give you the foundation in bookkeeping and then it’s up to you to market your services to work from home. There are a number of online sites that constantly advertise for stay at home bookkeepers and once you have the skills, you could sign up at these sites to find work. These sites include and

Organizational skills also place you in a position to work as an online administrator or secretary. More companies are using work at home staff to compliment their full time staff, and there are more and more opportunities available for stay at home mothers to work as secretaries and online administration staff. Administration and secretarial staff skills include great organizational skills and as a mother you may already have those skills and enjoy your role as the organizational hub of your family, so why not translate those skills into a lucrative secondary income? All you may need to get your foot in the door as an online administrator or secretary may be a course in Excel or Word. Here are some great resources for Word and Excel courses that will give you the edge you need to market your skills as an online secretary or administrator:

·         Excel 2013: Introducing Excel will teach you all of the basics you need to get the most out of Excel.

·         Learn Microsoft Word 2013 will teach you the basics of using Word.

·         Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 will teach you how to use PowerPoint.

The Home Business Ideas: 3 Ways to Work From Home is also a great resource for more ideas on how to work from home to create a secondary income.

Getting Creatively Rewarded for Your Creative Skills

A lot of mothers I know use their creativity to channel their frustrations and to help them cope with the demands of smaller children. Arts and crafts, sewing, photography, in fact most hobbies, can be translated into very viable secondary income for you.

Art and crafts are a fantastic way to channel creative energy for both mothers and children alike and arts and crafts can help to awaken the creativity within children as well. If you love arts and crafts, then why not convert this passion into creating an art and craft after school facility for children? There are a lot of mothers who are looking for healthy, creative after-school activities for the children and offering art classes for children can be a lucrative business model if you love using your creative talents and your child minding skills. The Art School for Kids course is a great resource if you want to start an art school for kids. This course will teach you the various art elements and principles as well as teaching you basic drawing techniques, basic watercolor techniques, basic acrylic techniques, and the basics of how to paint objects using these techniques.

If you tend to express your creativity through writing, then creating children’s books may be an avenue that allows you to create a stable secondary income. Writing for Children is a great course that will teach you everything you will need to know to create picture books, storybooks or young adult novels.

Photography also provides a great opportunity to turn your passion into a secondary income. If you are a snap-happy mommy and love documenting your life on film, then the Portrait Photography with Simple Gear course contains over 93 lectures and fifteen hours of content that will show you how to turn your hobby into a home business. Another great resource for budding photographers is Tips & Tricks for Creating a Home Recording Studio.

Honing your Home Skills for Financial Success

Baking, cooking, and cleaning are all skills that can easily be converted into lucrative secondary income streams. Very few working mothers have time to create great custom birthday cakes for their children and are happy to pay for good home-baked products. If you love baking, then a course like Cake Decorating For Fun and Profit with over 77 lectures and 4 hours of content, will give you step by step instructions on how to create great looking cakes that can create a steady secondary income.

As families realize that it is important to eat healthy meals, there is also a increased demand for good wholesome home cooked meals. If you love cooking, then creating nutritious dishes for other local families may prove to be a lucrative outlet for your passion.

Sewing can also be turned into a lucrative secondary income. There are a lot of working women who need clothes to be tailored to their particular needs and creating a sewing business that tailors clothing or creates unique clothing, may be a great outlet for your skills and talents.

Whether you are creating your own products or selling other products from home, the Products to Sell From Home: Extra Cash Through Sales article on the Udemy blog contains a number of great ideas and resources that will help you take your home sales to the next level. Another great resource for you if you intend to sell your items from home is the How to Sell on eBay & Amazon For Beginners Step by Step course. This course offers over 10 lectures that will teach you how to sell on eBay or Amazon and how to maximize your sales.

Stay at Home Mom Jobs are Just the Start

Often the jobs you create as a stay at home mom have the potential to turn into lucrative career moves over time. Your home bake business may be a stepping stone to owning your own bakery in the future, or your own photography studio could make way for owning your own professional studio once the kids have grown up and flown the nest.

Recognizing your own skills and talents and self confidence may be all that stands in the way of achieving your dreams. You most likely already have numerous skills that can help you to earn a secondary income, so invest in the Transform Self Doubt into Confidence course and find your true path in life.