statement-of-purpose-for-mbaA statement of purpose for MBA applicants basically represents you to the selection committee of a particular business school and your statement of purpose should clearly focus on the key areas like why you want to do an MBA, why you are the right choice for the selection committee, and how are you better than the rest of the candidates. What separates you from the rest? A statement of purpose is basically an opportunity for you to market yourself in front of the selection committee and a good statement of purpose can give you a significant upper hand in the selection procedure.

For writing an effective statement of purpose it is very important to be completely aware about the complete admission process for the top B schools. The admission policies can sometimes be specific to the particular B schools but the basic criteria remain the same. Here is a great course about the basics of the MBA admission process which will give you a complete insight about all the important aspects related to the admission procedure and will be of great help for writing a good statement of purpose.

MBA has become a very popular course of study in the recent years among the students, and this growing popularity has been a result of a number of factors, one among these being the perceived easier level of difficulty of GMAT as compared to GRE. This has resulted in a large number of students taking the GMAT instead of going for GRE. But is this perception correct? Is GRE actually harder than GMAT? To get the answer and to know more about these tests in detail, you can read this comprehensive piece comparing GRE and GMAT.

A good statement of purpose must include some standard information and must follow a set pattern which has been established over the years. The sequence can vary a little as well as you can add more or less information as per the requirements, but the basic structure will remain the same in most of the cases. Here, we are going to discuss the general format of a statement of purpose for MBA. The important points to be included have been discussed here. These are:

Introduction about Yourself

Here you have to introduce yourself briefly. A brief personal account as well as an account of your family should be included. The personal bio should be so written that it brings out all the positive aspects of your personality and effectively brands you as a suitable candidate for the MBA program for which you are applying. This course on creating a brand statement from your personal bio will be a great help for writing an effective bio for your statement of purpose.

Why This Business School

This is the all-important question. Why MBA and why this business school? The answer to these questions has to be very comprehensive and should be very well thought out. You have to come across as a serious aspirant through this answer as well as your answer must reflect a clear way of thinking and a rigid sense of purpose. Any ambiguity in this answer will certainly not be tolerated and hence you should take as much time as you would like to think of a good answer for this question.

A general research about MBA and the business school you are applying for will go a long way in answering this question effectively. Taking the help of professionals is also advisable. Having a general idea about what MBA is can be very important and this course called Mini MBA will actually take you through all the basic concepts of an MBA briefly and will give you a good basic understanding. This will certainly be a big help in effectively answering the above mentioned question.

Educational Background and Work Experience

A detailed account of your educational background and your work experience should be provided. All the relevant certificates and documents should be attached if they have been asked for. Proper care should be taken while mentioning the marks in school and college as a silly mistake like this will project you as being highly unprofessional.

Career Objectives

The short term as well as the long term career objectives should be mentioned here. The career objective should be well thought out and you must have a practical plan for achieving these goals. This can be asked from you in the interview and a clear answer to such questions shows a sense of self awareness and a clarity of thought process which can be highly positive aspects as far as the final selection is considered. At the same time, being unclear about your plans shows a lack of planning and self awareness.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your strengths and weaknesses should be listed here. The strengths should be realistic and should project a sense of self confidence but at the same time, you should be very careful to not come out as being overconfident. The weaknesses should also be so written so that you can turn them into something positive if you are asked about them during the interview.

Personal Achievements

All the personal achievements till date should be listed here. These can be academic as well as extra-curricular. All the achievements should be accompanied by a few lines highlighting the qualities and skills which were required to achieve them and how these qualities and skills can be useful for the MBA program for which you are applying.

Hobbies and Interests

All the hobbies and interests should be listed here. The hobbies should have variety and should offer some kind of value. The hobbies must bring you out as a well rounded personality and you must highlight the positive aspects associated with each and every hobby separately mentioning how these can be useful for you for being a great pick for their MBA program.


Anything else that you would like to include comes here. Any clubs you founded or were a part of in the college, any international languages you know, all such things should be mentioned here. Such things can add great value to your application as B schools mostly look for candidates with a variety of skills along with a strong academic background.


Finally, the whole statement of purpose should be summarized into a paragraph highlighting the positive features of the course and how you will be the right match for this course. The summary should be crisp and concise and should only touch upon the most important points in the whole statement of purpose. This will give you your statement of purpose for applying for an MBA.

For writing an effective statement of purpose for MBA, the most important factor is to be clear about the purpose of your life. If you will be clear about your purpose, you will be able to plan accordingly and a good plan will give you all the answers required to write a good statement of purpose. Finding the purpose of your life sounds easy but it requires lots of introspection. Here is a course about finding the purpose of your life and following the teachings of this course will definitely help you to become more aware about yourself as well as your purpose in life.

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