The Star Tarot: A Wild, Selfish Journey

star tarotThe Star Tarot is at once an obvious metaphor, symbolizing the guiding-star quality we all desire, but also a more subliminal card, with deeper meanings of long-term challenges, healing and purging of our darker emotions. The Star Tarot is a vital card to the deck as it possesses such a balanced equation of give-and-take.

Below we’ll take a look inside the Star Tarot, analyzing the beautiful scene depicted on the card, the stranger implications of the Star, how it functions in a Tarot spread and the cards with which it pairs the best and the worst. Start making your own interpretations today with this great course on how to become a professional Tarot reader from scratch.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

The Star Tarot is an incredibly beautiful card; the landscape is wild, the colors are natural and everything is a calm ideal. The largest presence in the card is a naked woman who is kneeling down on one knee beside a small body of water. One of the woman’s feet is on the ground; the other, in the water. She holds two containers and is pouring out the contents of both (presumably water, as it is blue). Like the woman’s feet, one container is poured onto the ground (where is diverges into five streams, signifying the five senses) while the other is poured into the body of water (a constant replenishment of the element of life).

After the woman, the most dominating feature is a large golden star floating above the woman’s head; around this star are seven smaller, whiter stars. Each star has eight points, the number of strength. It is believed that the seven smaller stars represent a person’s seven main energy-center chakras. When combined with the power of strength, this allows a person to look at themselves both honestly and harshly and, thus, recognize their own transgressions.

Barely visible, far in the background of the card, are a bird and a tree. The bird, an ibis, is perched at the very top of the tree. An ibis is a sacred bird, representing both deep thought and premonition. In Tarot, a tree is almost always a tree of thought or a tree of the mind. It is easy to see, then, why an ibis would perch here.

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Interpreting The Star Tarot

  • Long-Term Investment

In the most general sense, the Star Tarot appears when there is a confluence of hope, ambition and (usually) benevolence or peace. It usually ushers in a new phase in life; or, at least, one that is improved in certain ways. However, unlike the Tower Tarot, the Star card is not one whose powers are imminent. The Star is focused on a longer path, just as if it were a guiding star. Things may not happen quickly, but they will if you can sustain hope and honesty.

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  • The Woman

The naked woman represents purity but also mortality. The Star is supposed to shine a different light than the sun, just like the Moon card does. The Starlight allows the woman to see more clearly and to move towards those things that are most important to her; these can be life-long dreams or the fulfillment of a long-desired lover.

  • Selfish Card

The Star card isn’t “selfish” but it does turn most of its implications back upon the person it’s dealt to. The Star is all about personal transformation. It’s about looking inside yourself (the bird of deep thought perched on the tree of the mind). It’s about listening to your inner-voices, to opening up your chakras, to finally moving on from an old stage in life to a new one. You are both pouring water onto the ground (five senses; feeding new life) and into more water (replenishing life). While you hope the future is brighter, you have not forgotten the past either.

Past, Present And Future

Every Tarot card has different meanings when they appear in the past, present or future position of a Tarot spread:

  • Past

In the past position, the Star card has already worked most of its magic. It should find you in a good place as a result of a recent or semi-distant inner revelation. If it finds you in a bad place, well, this a hard fact that when you look inside yourself you do not always emerge for the better; perhaps you need to look again with an even stricter focus on honesty.

  • Present

The present position is a prelude for growth. It marks the beginning of a spiritual and physical journey to do something that has always been important to you. You will encounter difficult transitions along the way, so it is important to remember the thoughts and feelings you had when clarity was strong.

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  • Future

This usually means that you are in the thick of a very, very trying time in your life. But the future position tells you to maintain hope; change is coming. You are even supposed to have luck on your side with the future position, allowing you to take the necessary chances to turn your life around.

With Other Cards

One of the best cards to accompany the Star is the Magician (learn all about the fool’s luck of the Magician with this blog post). This, in a sense, gives you the good fortune and strategic positioning to make your beliefs and intuitions a reality.

Another excellent pairing is the Chariot, which breathes reality into your dreams and can help even the loftiest visions find a place in the world.

One card you would not like to see is the Lovers card; this card is trying to tell you that you are blinded by love, that you cannot see the obvious faults of your partner, but there could be benefits to this, as well. So, if anything, it is a very confusing pairing.

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