Spread the Buzz: #Teach2013


Are you excited?!? Udemy’s Teach 2013 campaign is now live, but we need your help to spread the word and revolutionize education forever.

We wanted to get you equipped with everything you need to get the message out and lead this movement. Below are several templates you can use to share this campaign with your community.  (You’re also welcome to craft the message to your liking, but please be sure to at least include the link: http://udemyblog.wpengine.com/teach2013 and hashtag #teach2013.)


Tweets (schedule a different one each day this week)

Every expert in the world should teach online in 2013! RT to show your support. #Teach2013 http://udemyblog.wpengine.com/teach2013

Learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. RT if you agree and Let’s Change the Face of Education Forever. #Teach2013! http://udemyblog.wpengine.com/teach2013

What skill are you trying to learn? Who do you want to learn it from? RT and tell your favorite expert to #Teach2013! http://udemyblog.wpengine.com/teach2013

Send direct messages to people you want to see on Udemy:

Hey _________ – My New Year’s Resolution is to #Teach2013. You should join me. Checkout #Teach2013. http://udemyblog.wpengine.com/teach2013


Facebook Posts

My New Year’s Resolution is to give back and share my knowledge with people all over the world. I’m calling on all my expert friends –> share this message and let’s Teach2013. http://udemyblog.wpengine.com/teach2013


Email copy

Hey there,

Some time ago, I decided to share my knowledge and expertise with those who were interested in learning. The place I chose to share my knowledge was Udemy, where I now have an amazing community of students.

The team at Udemy doesn’t think learning should be limited to the physical classroom, and neither do I.

This year, we’re on a mission to get every expert in the world to teach online. The movement is called Teach2013.

Will you help me spread the word?

Here are two things you can do now:

  1. Think about who you’d love to learn from this year, and tweet them to Teach2013.
  2. If you’re an expert, join us and Teach2013.

Let’s change the face of education forever,