Spiritual Awareness: Walking a Brighter Path Towards Meaning

spiritual awarenessIf you are reading this, chances are that you have reached a point in your life where you are searching for something.  Some greater meaning, or sense of community with your fellow humans, and the world itself.  Any number of life events or actions might trigger this awakening in you.  For me, it was when my first child was born.  I knew then that I wanted to be more meaningfully present in this world for her, and help guide her towards being the best person she can be.  I also knew that I wanted this to be a gentle and accepting experience for her, and not so dogmatic or ceremonial.

That was my beginning towards spiritual awareness.  What was yours?  Sometimes it can be a joyous occasion such as a birth, a marriage, or a sense of belonging in a new community.  Of course, sometimes it can come about as a result of profound loss, feelings of helplessness or frustration with the world around you.  However you got here, and for whatever reasons, you are welcome to walk a brighter path with others, and learn how to embrace your spiritual self with love and an open mind.

Learning to Love

spiritual awarenessLove is a powerful emotion.  Perhaps it is because of its power that we tend to reserve it for only the most special and significant people in our lives, and otherwise hoard these feelings.  Imagine if we all put a little more love out into the world.  This does not mean that you have to get romantically involved or thoroughly invested with everyone you meet.  Rather this just means that you allow more positivity to flow through you.  Simply making an effort to be more understanding of others, and to be more present in each moment can initiate profound changes in your life.  That line in the grocery store will seem less aggravating if you take a moment to say  a friendly “Hello” to those around you.  You can begin to look at other people as opportunities for connection, rather than obstacles you need to deal with.

Naturally, you can’t very well love others is you do not yet love yourself.  Start with a little self forgiveness, and move from there.  For some of us, self acceptance and self esteem are such difficult states to achieve, that we end up blocking a lot of positivity out of our lives without meaning to.  That is where a little guidance can be incredibly useful.  Seven Days of Self Love is a class taught by motivational speaker Sandra Graves.  She is addressing the issues of self esteem from the standpoint that you deserve more.  More love, more positivity, more friends, and more easy days.  Learning to love yourself is key to allowing greater spiritual awareness into your life, and in turn, learning to be more accepting of others.

Becoming Mindful

spiritual awarenessMindfulness can mean many things.  For starters, how many sights, sounds, people and places are you passing by in your day, without realizing?  We are all guilty of this, and certainly, it is not possible to take it all in all the time.  What is possible is to become more aware and more present in each moment.  Sitting on the train may seem like just a necessary evil in your day, but when was the last time you looked at the scenery racing past the windows?  The change of the seasons, the people and places in your town, they are all right there for you to observe.  Increasing mindfulness can easily be achieved through meditation.  Taking stock of the things around you as you go along with your day can help you appreciate the silence and stillness of those quiet moments we all need.

Becoming more spiritually mindful flows naturally from there.  When you have become more participatory and observant in everyday life, you may begin to realize some profound personal truths.  Why do you feel the way you do?  Why do you have the opinions you have?  Which parts of your life are you willing to change, and to what ends?  Having a greater understanding of these things allows you to better contemplate what spirituality means for you, personally.  Make no mistake, spiritual awareness is deeply personal, and will vary from person to person.  Another advantage of mindfulness is that you can engage other spiritual people around you in meaningful discussions, and come to a deeper understanding of one another.

Empowering Yourself and Others

spiritual awarenessPart of the reason we lose motivation is a lack of belief in ourselves.  All of the things mentioned so far can help you to overcome these feelings of “I can’t”.  When you are approaching yourself, and those around you with more spiritual openness, and with more love, you can then believe in yourself.  When you are more mindful of all the things and people around you, you realize all that you can accomplish.  What has been holding you back other than negativity and an unwillingness to try?  You have the answers now, and are perhaps coming to realize that the tasks ahead of you are more achievable than you first though.

When you empower yourself, you can then become a positive influence on others.  Your goals may have been as commonplace as learning to cook, or as far reaching as becoming a leader in your community.  No matter the scope of your accomplishments, once you have set your mind to them, you can empower others to join you, and feel the same positivity you do.  You can begin to stand as an example to others.  While they learn from you, you can thrive on your sense of helping others.  There is no reason to shy away from pride, and especially not when it is benefiting those around you.  Share the spiritual awareness you have gained, and know that you are making the world better.

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