Spiritual Awareness: What It Is and How to Get It

spiritual awarenessMany people find their spirituality through an organized religion, such as Judaism or Christianity, while others are able to come to it simply through their own personal experiences and feelings without having to follow the teachings set forth by any particular religious group. Some individuals, for example, find their spirituality through practices like yoga and daily meditation. But everyone, no matter how old you are or where you live, can become more spiritual.

No matter what, spiritual awareness can help you grow and evolve by giving more meaning to your life and by transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Those who are spiritual feel a connection to other living beings, as well as to the universal life force that governs all that exists. They also tend to be more content, centered, and calm, and they may be able to cope with whatever life throws at them because they have a strong faith in the deeper meaning of life and the existence of an afterlife. 

What Exactly is Spiritual Awareness?

The process of becoming spiritually aware, or spiritually awakened, is a solitary one. It is something that you pursue on your own, and you cannot rely upon others to make you more spiritually aware or to awaken your inherent spiritual self. Instead, the key lies in exploring your deepest self, often referred to as the soul, by turning inward and really listening to your heart and to your inner wisdom. By doing so, the ultimate goal is to figure out your life’s true calling and then follow the path towards your fulfillment. In other words, by tapping into the core of your being, you will be able to listen to your deeper self, which will tell you what you should be doing in your life in order to bring the most joy to yourself and to others.

Once you have connected your body to your spirit and your mind, you will feel balanced and you will have a sense of purpose that guides your thoughts, words, and actions and provides you with a clearer direction towards joy and peace. Again, many people achieve this unity of body of spirit through the ancient practice of yoga, as well as through daily meditative practice. These both allow you to settle into a quiet state without outside distractions so that you can listen to your true self rather than be influenced by the people around you and what society dictates.

Also, as you become more spiritually aware, you will notice signs in your daily life that guide you towards your goals or that give you clues into what path would bring you the most happiness. Coincidences may begin to occur more frequently, and paying attention to these occurrences will help you realize that there are certain patterns and forces at work that are inspiring you and guiding you to the life that you have always dreamed of. Again, rather than listening to what society has to tell you or what others expect of you, you begin to listen more to yourself and to the little insights provided to you by the universe. You will also begin to shed negative patterns that used to hold you back from being the person you were meant to be in this life.

How to Achieve Spiritual Awakening

If being spiritually awakened sounds like something you would want, you will have to work for it by giving yourself some much-needed alone time on a daily basis in order to tap into your soul. Below are some of the key steps that people often take during their journey toward becoming spiritually aware and more open to the infinite possibilities that the world can provide.

Meditation and Choosing Your Path

Meditation can be very difficult for beginners. You may find that your mind races, that you cannot clear away your thoughts, and that you become fidgety. Starting a daily practice through a course that teaches you how to meditate if you are a beginner is a great way to introduce yourself to this practice without becoming overwhelmed. You may also wish to read this blog post that explains how to meditate properly.

Many individuals choose to begin with guided meditations or those that use special sound effects and music. Others prefer mantra meditations, such as those that balance the chakras (especially the third eye chakra, which is associated with insight and intuition). No matter what, a meditation will help you focus your mind on the present moment and relax and heal your entire body. And by incorporating special breathing techniques, you can also open up the channels throughout the body in order to allow your body and mind to connect with one another and bring about a state of natural healing. As you practice meditating every day, it will definitely become easier, and you will be able to spend more time in silence as you get better at it.

As you slip into the silent state of meditation, you will be able to gain insight into who you really are and what your purpose really is. By relaxing your entire being, you are then able to focus more on the inner self, and this can help you consider what you really want out of life and how you can reach your goals.

Exhibiting More Compassion in Everyday Life

As you become more spiritually aware, you will notice subtle shifts in the way you see others and in the way you interact with them. You will begin to be more compassionate and patient. You may also notice that you are able to empathize more easily with those who are suffering, which will make you even more inclined to want to ease the suffering of other living beings on the planet. Many people who become more spiritually aware, therefore, may begin volunteering for a good cause or they may change their daily habits by focusing on a healthy plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle that does not contribute to the suffering of animals.

As you begin to become more aware of the world around you and the needs of others, your spirituality will blossom at the same time. Your ego will begin to melt away and you will behave more selflessly yet feel more fulfilled by being a more positive individual as you strive to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Other Shifts That Will Occur

As you become more spiritually aware, you will notice other shifts taking place. For example, you will be more willing to love yourself–flaws and all–and stop yourself from being so critical and judgmental of your own thoughts and actions. By freeing yourself of these inner criticisms, you will be able to change the way you think and behave so that you can enjoy a richer life that is in line with what your soul wants. And, of course, you will be able to connect with others better and have deeper relationships with those you love.

Becoming more spiritually aware, to the point that you begin to follow your dreams of having a career that you enjoy, will also help you find and generate more abundance. Money and comfort comes to you naturally because you are able to work at something that you love and your skills will continue to improve as you focus on the tasks at hand rather than feeling miserable and unfulfilled. You may even find that you become more creative, and you can use this in any of the many industries around the world in order to do even better work and be rewarded for it.

Those who have awakened spiritually also find that their intuition is more powerful than ever before. They are able to sense people and their intentions better, make sound decisions, and look for signs that will steer them in the right direction in both family life and career. Inner wisdom shines through and becomes the guiding force throughout the existence of the individual who is spiritually aware.

If you become more spiritual, and you encourage those around you to the same, you will be contributing to global spiritual awareness. And as more people make this positive shift towards a more tranquil and fulfilling existence, the world can become a more joyful and more peaceful place as well.

A Personal Journey

The first step in achieving spiritual awareness is being willing to embark on a path that is very personal, so try to let go of everything else that you have been taught and begin to connect with the universe on your own terms. Always remember that spiritual awakening is a private experience, so everyone will come to it in their own time and by their own unique means. Therefore, the process itself will be different for each individual.

Begin walking along a more spiritual path and awaken your inner divinity. Learn more about the intelligence that lies within you and the steps you can take to target your true purpose while living in the moment and harnessing the powerful energy that permeates through your entire being and the whole universe.