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social media strategy templateSocial media has become one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign for businesses today.  By creating a personal profile, a company can get in touch with its audience in a new way and interact with them as public figures.

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The most obvious social media outlets might be FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn, but DiggStumbleUpon, and Youtube are also popular and underused social networks.

There are a number of good social media strategy templates out there, so let’s take a look at a couple now.

9 Guiding Social Media Questions by Bev Hepting

Bev Hepting has kindly posted her social media strategy on SlideShare.  It consists of asking yourself 9 simple questions and providing five responses to each question (unless five are not possible).  They are:

  1. Why do I need social media?
  2. Who are my audience?
  3. What do I want to tell them?
  4. How am I going to tell them?
  5. What content am I going to create?
  6. How often am I going to post?
  7. Which social media sites will I use?
  8. What tools will I use to measure my success?
  9. Who will be responsible for social networking?

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Once you answer these questions, you are ready to put your plan in action.  Join the social networks, and be sure to be consistent with your postings and stay organized.  To help with this, you can schedule your posts to go out at particular times and to particular outlets.  Remember to include pictures of you or your logo.

A Five-Step Strategy Template for Social Media Marketing

A recent article published on target360 has outlined a strategy of five easy steps for social media marketing. They are:

1. Situation Analysis – This means taking stock of where you are now, how much benefit social media marketing might bring, and if you are fully capable of making good use of it.  Ask yourself – who will you be marketing to?  What social networks do they use?  Can you create enough interesting content to post consistently?  Is every part of your organization on board and willing to participate in social media?

2. Setting Goals – Create a clear outline of the goals you wish to achieve with social media marketing. You should be able to explain why and how you plan to achieve them.  Include what will happen if you reach your goals, as well as what would happen if you failed to reach them. Some marketing metrics are examples of good goals, such as particular levels of site traffic, re-posts, or likes.

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3. The Strategy – The tools and methods you use will depend on your own situation and your goals. When creating content and picking particular social networks, be sure that each choice you make and piece of content you post is supported by your original situation analysis and goals.

Be aware of the differences between social networks – for example, Facebook is extremely popular, but LinkedIn is seen as more professional and career-oriented.

4. SMART Objectives – These guidelines ensure that your goals are strategic and intelligent.  SMART stands for:

  1. Specific – such as reaching a certain number of Facebook followers.
  2. Measurable – metrics like Facebook followers can be measured.
  3. Achievable – only set objectives that seem reasonable.
  4. Relevant – your objectives should reflect your stated goals.
  5. Time-bound – set a duration so you can measure your progress to the goal.

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5. Tactics – Pick three or four aspects of your content plan and focus on creating a solid foundation in each of them.  These pieces can then be used to create web sites, articles, and infographics based on them.  Content must be created with a perspective in mind – ask yourself, is this a casual or a formal situation?

Do you have any great social media marketing templates or advice that you think should be mentioned here?  Post it in the comments below!

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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