Social Media Management Tools: Finding the Right Tool for the Job

socialmediamanagementtools[1]Managing the social media presence of a company is often a full-time job, or more. There are an ever increasing number of social media websites that offer every company the opportunity to promote itself, but also the chance to accidentally ignore comments from customers. There’s no doubt that you need to pay attention to as many platforms as possible, but there’s an upper limit to how much one person can do.

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That’s were social media management tools come in: they allow you to automate at least part of the process of managing your social media presence. There are a wide variety of social media management tools that can streamline your process.

Monitoring Social Media

One of the more difficult tasks to handle on your own is monitoring multiple social media sites— you need the tools to manage the time-consuming process of logging in and out of multiple accounts across Twitter, Facebook and all the other sites, especially if you manage multiple accounts on the same sites. Depending on your social media strategy, you may also find yourself running numerous searches and following big lists of people — also particularly time-consuming steps. But there are several tools that essentially give you a dashboard for checking in on all of those accounts at once, such as Radian6. Using a monitoring tool is one of the easiest ways to speed up your social media process.

Scheduling Updates

While it’s rare that all of your social media content can be written well in advance, there’s usually a significant amount that you can craft at once and schedule to run when you need it. Handling all the work together certainly speeds up the process. Unfortunately, sites like Facebook don’t natively support the ability to submit updates to run later on. You can learn how to update those sites however: tools like Hootsuite allow you to create an entire file worth of updates to submit all at once, saving you hours of making sure that everything runs exactly on time.

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Discovering New Connections

Part of the value of social media is just how easy it is to connect with someone entirely new — someone who you’ve never talked to before. If you’re using social media to build a business, you’ll want those new connections to fall into categories that are likely to buy from you, which can require learning how to qualify new contacts. On Twitter, that might mean running searches for relevant search terms, but it also could mean checking one of the numerous directories, like WeFollow. From there, you still need to narrow down the categories to who might be most useful to connect with — something that you still can’t outsource to a piece of software.

Analyzing Your Social Media Presence

Collecting data on your company’s social media presence is key to being able to continue to tweak it and grow. Even the most basic measurements, like Klout, can give you an idea if you’re headed in the right general direction. Many social media tools can go much deeper, however, providing you with numbers and analysis on individual campaigns or on specific types of engagement. Such data can be crucial for determining your long-term social media strategies.

Always More Tools

There always seems to be another social media tool coming out — some of which serve to integrate with other social media tools, as well as social media sites, like dashboards that can pull information from multiple sites. It’s just a question of deciding what help you need the most. You may not need every single different type of social media tool out there, but if you’re managing social media for a company, it makes sense to have a full toolbox at your disposal.