Skateboarding Quotes from the Pros

Skateboarding QuotesSkateboarding is a popular sport, especially among teens and young adults, but can really be a great outlet for people of any age. With skateboarding, it’s just you and a skateboard. There’s no team to play for, no real rules to follow, and no additional costs to do what you love. People love skateboarding both for the simplicity of the sport and the complexity with which you can approach it. Skateboarding is so popular because it isn’t just about rolling down the street or a sidewalk while standing on a board. It’s about taking a simple skateboard and using it to express your creativity and skill by performing a variety of skateboarding tricks. Skateboarders will often practice for hours learning their favorite tricks and spend just as much time trying to develop their own.

Skateboarding has become a serious sport that anyone can devote themselves to. Though skateboarders can pick almost anywhere to practice their sport, more and more cities are building skate parks for the skateboarding enthusiasts who live there. Many aspiring skateboarders look to their favorite skateboarding professionals, such as Tony Hawk and Shaun White, for inspiration and guidance. Look at videos on YouTube of some of the top skateboarding professionals, and you’ll see the results of someone who has devoted a lot of time to mastering their craft. A great way to learn more about the basics of skateboarding is to take a look at this online skateboarding lesson for beginners.

People also tend to love skateboarding because of the community of other like-minded people it provides. Imagine trading trick tips with a fellow skateboarder and practicing at the local skate park. This is the life that many skateboarders love as they enjoy time with their fellow skateboarders.

Skateboarding Quotes for Inspiration and Encouragement

To truly understand the nature of skateboarding and why it’s so popular, it’s a great idea to hear from those who love it the most. The following skateboarding quotes provide insight into the world of skateboarding and will likely provide some much-needed encouragement if you’re an aspiring skateboarding professional. Even if you’re not into skateboarding, hearing from some professionals can still teach you and may make you want to grab a board and start learning.

Marc Johnson – “…putting ideas into action.”

Marc Johnson is a professional skateboarder who is known for his innovative approach to the skateboard, believing that anything can be done on the skateboard that you can imagine if you put in the work to make it a reality. This idea is captured most in the following quote.

“All skateboarding is, is putting ideas into action.”

Johnson views skateboarding as the ultimate creative sport, and this makes it appealing in a way that other sports do not. In a way, the way Johnson approaches skateboarding is about being both athlete and artist. When you approach skateboarding, you can know that there is more to it than learning the tricks of your favorite skateboarders. The real fun begins when you approach the skateboard with imagination and begin experimenting with the many things you can do with it. This course will help you develop more creative thinking skills.

Tony Hawk – “…skateboarding an art form…”

Tony Hawk is one of the most famous skateboarders in the world who has created many of his own tricks. He’s the source of inspiration for many aspiring skateboarders. Hawk’s status as a skateboarding professional has earned him many promotional gigs, such as video games and amusement park rides. Hawk believes in the benefits of skateboarding for underprivileged kids so much that he started the Tony Hawk Foundation, which seeks to build skateparks in underprivileged areas. Like Marc Johnson, Hawk approaches skateboarding as an opportunity for creativity and athleticism. The following quote illustrates Tony Hawk’s approach to skateboarding.

“I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.”

Tony Hawk has long established skateboarding as a creative sport with the tricks he performs on the skateboard. If you decide to take up skateboarding, the opportunities for improvement are limited only by your imagination. Hawk also describes it as a lifestyle. Serious skateboarders don’t approach skateboarding as a hobby they practice when they have time. Instead, skateboarding is very much ingrained into their everyday lives. They spend every day practicing their skateboarding skills, and the people they spend time with the most are usually fellow skateboarders. While there are obviously other elements to their lives besides skateboarding, such as a job and relationships, skateboarding is never far from their mind, and any free time they have is spent skateboarding.

Shaun White – “Skateboarding is…fun.”

Shaun White is a professional skateboarder and snowboarder who has had a lot of success in the Olympics and the X-Games. White was discovered by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk when he was nine years old, and Hawk became a mentor to him. White is probably one of the most well-known skateboarding professionals because of his many endorsements by companies such as Target, Red Bull, and Hewlett-Packard. Skateboarding takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience, causing many to give up because of the intensity involved. Shaun White sees the training nature of skateboarding, but views it as something to enjoy rather than dread. The quote below captures White’s attitude toward skateboarding.

“Skateboarding is training, but I don’t think of it as training. It’s fun.”

To learn the many tricks that make skateboarding one of the most enjoyable sports requires a great deal of practice and perseverance. While the level of difficulty may cause many to question if the time spent is worth it, Shaun White sees the training involved as one of the most enjoyable elements to skateboarding. This makes sense in light of what Marc Johnson and Tony Hawk have already said about the inherent creativity of skateboarding. Although it can be difficult, if you approach skateboarding as an opportunity for self-expression and creating, the training element becomes fun. The journey to being a great skateboarder can be just as enjoyable as the destination. With any type of athletic training, plyometric training can help you to get your body in the shape you need it to be to perform well. This course on plyometric training will guide you through the process.

Skateboarding can be a great opportunity for finding creative expression in a sport that requires a high level of skill as well. If you become proficient as a skateboarder, you can utilize your skills to teach others about this sport that you love so much. Here’s a great course that will guide you through the process of learning to be a professional skateboard teacher.