Simple business ideasDo you have the itch to be an entrepreneur? Have you been wanting to start a business for some time now, but you’re just searching for that one business idea?  Well, look no further. Since we like things simple and easy, we’re going to round up some of our favorite, simple business ideas. Preferably ones that are tried and tested and proven profitable. We’ve made sure to add in links to some top notch resources to help you get moving. So get out your pencil and notebook, make yourself a strong mug of coffee, and roll your sleeves up. Its time to get to work!

Just incase you want to come up with some of your own here’s a course to help you start generating business ideas.  Some folks want to start a business for fun, some for the money. I personally want something that can combine the two. Ramit Sethi has a some great advice on how to narrow down ideas that can actually generate money.

Start Your Own Online Store

Starting on online store has never been easier. You can create your own online store with Joomla, or sell on ebay, or consider setting up shop on Etsy. There’s a very wide range of options to choose from. You can sell just about anything, right from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s your craft items that your friends rave about, or the ton of antique furniture lying in your garage, or even photographs from all those random travels over the years, you might just be able to make money by selling them online. To get you extra motivated, check out how powersellers make millions on Ebay! Of course, there’s a skill to online marketing that you’ll develop over time. But the first step is as simple as just getting started.

Teach / Tutoring

Each of us has special skills. One of the simplest, and perhaps the best business, is one that you’re passionate about. Make a list of your unique skills. We often overlook or take our skills for granted. Are you super organised? Why then you can teach about organizational skills. Are you a great negotiator? Then why not teach a course on negotiation? If you’re a good programmer, then perhaps you can teach high school kids programming, or even college students. Do you speak a foreign language? Well, I’m sure there are expats who’d love to hire you to teach their kids their native language.

If love to dissect other people’s lives and are good at giving advice, well perhaps you can make a business out of being a professional Life coach!

Perhaps you can take it to the next level and teach online. There’s a really large and growing number of people who’d love to learn from the comfort of their home, at their own pace. You could build an online teaching business, from the comfort of your home. There’s a unique joy in teaching and sharing what you love. What better than making a business doing what you love!

Balloon-Smith Business

This may sound crazy, but it is in fact a simple and profitable business – supplying specialised balloons to local businesses. It’s tried and tested. Afzal has actually created a step by step guide to teach others how to set up this business. He chalks out the plan in five simple steps, with detailed guides and videos to help you through. What’s more he personally guarantees this is bound to work within 48 hours of trying!  Go and ahead and check it out.

Home Cooking

Everyone in today’s world is busy.  Running between office and home, who really has the time to cook? Nutritious meals often take a back seat. Especially with folks who are living alone, college students, or those who’ve moved to a new city for a job. No one really wants to come home after a long day at work, and spend another hour or so cooking. Oh what we wouldn’t do for a hot home cooked meal – that someone else has cooked!  If you’re a good cook, and you love cooking, this could be a golden business opportunity for you. Heck, even couples or young families would love to have this.

Other Online Businesses

The internet has opened up opportunities for us that were never available to any other generation in history. The biggest opportunity of all is the ability to run a business online from wherever you are. You can learn the basics of starting an online business here. There are many ways to set up your online presence, but the most popular way to is build your online business through WordPress. What’s more, we have a step by step action guide to validate and build your business into a powerful online platform.

That’s our round up for now. If you still haven’t seen something that’s caught your fancy, you could check out Ramit Sethi’s Idea Generator tool to help get some more ideas.

But before you plunge right in and set up shop, step back and evaluate whether your idea has a chance to be a profitable business.  Bruce Wade has set up a good course  on how to turn simple ideas into great ideas, and build a business.  This will help you learn the parameters against which you should evaluate your business ideas, and zero in on the best business idea for you.  We do hope that this roundup inspires you enough to take action and not just generate business ideas, but to actually take the plunge and start your own business. Here’s to your future success!

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