sign language interpreter jobsIf you’re fluent in ASL, or American Sign Language, and are wondering if there’s a potential career path that can incorporate your language skills, you’re in luck. With fluency in any language comes job opportunities, both in government, as well as the private sector. As time goes by, ASL is being spoken by more and more people. That fact, along with the continued evolution of technology at a breakneck speed, makes it easier than ever for those that speak the language to get a career started. If you’re not fluent in ASL, but would like to learn, this course on teaching yourself a foreign language will show you strategies to help you learn that, or any other new language, and this article on how to learn sign language will show you how to start learning this interesting subject today.

Sign Language Interpreter Jobs by Industry

There are ever increasing job opportunities for those that are able to sign, and they span multiple industries. No longer are they relegated to teaching, though that is still an honorable, and thriving career for anyone, especially sign language interpreters, or terps. Below are just some of the careers available to these ambidextrous linguists. If you’re curious as to how American Sign Language works, and would like to learn some basic concepts, this course on ASL 101 will have you communicating in sign language by the time you’re done with it.

If you’re fluent in ASL, or are studying it right now, and were wondering what careers you could consider that use your special skill, hopefully we were able to steer you in the right direction today. As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunities for someone in your unique position, and the sheer immensity of variety of  jobs and industries will not make your decision easy at all. If you are fluent in ASL, but don’t work as an interpreter, and would like to change your career, this course on how to change your career to what you want to do will teach you a 5 step process to do what you love.

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