Should I Ask Her Out? Know When Its Right

should i ask her outIt’s almost a universal truth, men hate being rejected, and the insecurity it creates is even more potent when it comes to women. Unfortunately, many men are not confident in dating, and if this is the case for you, check out this course and learn everything you need to know. For many, just the thought of getting rejected is intimidating enough. What if she laughs? What if she makes fun of you with her friends later on? Or the absolute worst thing, what if she just says no?

There are many good reasons to get up the courage and ask her out, and the main point of actually doing it is that you’ll be happy you did. Irrespective of what she says, you’ll either have a date lined up, or you’ll know she’s not interested. You’ll never regret not asking, and even if you get turned down, think of the guts it took to put yourself out there. You deserve to be happy, and use this to help overcome all the reasons you’re hesitant to ask her out. Heck, she might be waiting for you to ask her, but even if she’s not – being asked out in a polite and respective way is usually always taken a compliment to most women. You’ve got nothing to lose!

If you’re still feeling confused, follow our advice and learn from these signs she’s actually waiting for you to ask her out.

You See Her Everywhere

If a woman is suddenly much more visible, there’s a high chance she’s trying to get noticed. Perhaps it’s a colleague your now consistently bumping into, you find her standing next to you at the pub, or she just always seems to be around. The reason behind all of these ‘chance’ encounters is she may be giving you an opportunity to make the first move.

Her Body Language

Learn to read the subtle signs of body language in this course and you’ll always know what she’s thinking. Usually there will be much more eye contact, she’ll lean slightly towards you and she may even play with her hair or her earrings with a big smile on her face.

She Communicates

When a woman hands over her phone number, take this as a positive sign she’s interested in you. If she starts giving excuses, or asks for yours while she’s reluctant to give you her details, she’s not interested. Even if she is seeing someone else at the moment, if she’s interested she’ll ensure you can get in touch with you in the future.

She’s Never ‘Busy’

When you invite her out for a drink after work, you never get an excuse like “I already have an appointment,” or “let me check my schedule.” She replies to your texts and emails, and will make an effort to come out and meet you, even if she’s got a busy work schedule. If she really is busy, she’ll be the one to suggest an alternate time to catch up. Her eagerness to spend time together means she will be very likely to say yes, should you ask her out on a real date. This recent post covers some fun first date ideas, to help you ask her out.

She Asks Questions about You

When a woman is interested in you, she’ll try to learn more about your hobbies and interests to get to know you better. Perhaps she asks about your favorite music, foods that you like, or even is curious about where you grew up, and your family. This course is an excellent tool in helping you become a master of the conversation, so it’s not just one sided. Take the hints when you see them that she wants to take things further, and don’t be shy in asking her out.

She Tries to Find Out Your Finances

An important part of a relationship is having your finances in order. During the course of your conversation, you may find her asking things like the car you drive, what you do for a living and where you live. If she’s happy with the responses you’ll find she’ll be very happy to date you.

She’s Available

When you ask her out, she will never make up a silly excuse to not go on the date. She may even make mention of how much she likes the an activity she knows you’re planning, so be sure to offer her an invitation as well. This course is great for people who normally struggle in approaching women, so you never miss an opportunity.

Notice When She Hangs Out with You

If you’re interested in one of your female friends, but are not sure if she’s interested in you – consider the time of the day she hangs out with you. Women who consider you a ‘buddy’ will primarily meet up for lunches and after work drinks, but those that are interested will be spending time with you at the movies on a weekend, or catching up for late night drinks.

She Gets Jealous

If you find a woman giving you the cold shoulder when you’re flirting and chatting to other women, it’s a good sign she’s interested in you. Keep an eye out for any women who seem to be acutely aware of their competition, and seek to position themselves between you and any ladies who are angling for your attention.

By themselves, none of these are perfect indicators that she’s waiting for you to ask her out, but recognizing them are the best chance you’ve got. If you start seeing any of these signs, use it to help build your courage and have the guts to simply ask her out!

The worst thing she can say is no, and in the best case you’ll have a date to look forward to.