SharePoint SitesSharePoint works like a technical umbrella for you business, streamlining efficiency, and creating a platform that is easy for you and your employees to use from anywhere in the world. You can create and share documents, business plans, portfolios, reports, and more. As owner or director your employees can turn in documents for you to review and you can share these or any other projects for everyone within your business to see. It is basically like a worldwide boardroom where you can communicate and share with your partners and employees as if you were together even if you are continents apart. A great place to start exploring this excellent program would be with our course Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Foundation Training.

One of the most valuable aspects of SharePoint is that you can integrate it into your own website to create an individual experience through its design. With this guide to SharePoint you can start using it to improve your business experience and streamlining your work process.

SharePoint in General

SharePoint is a program that was designed by Microsoft to aid in the functionality of your business by allowing you to streamline your organization, production, analysis, and overall managing of everything that you need to do to have your business up and running. You can create a website integrated with SharePoint so you can produce files and documents and then spread them out to your employees, stockholders, partners, or anyone else who needs the information easily. It provides a central location to conduct business online and is simple and user-friendly. There are several different versions of SharePoint that have been produced by Microsoft including SharePoint 2007, 2010, and the latest being 2013.  You don’t have to operate on the 2013 version if you don’t want to and you can still use the earlier ones. On Udemy we have courses available for all of them, like our course SharePoint 2010 Introduction.

There are now thousands of SharePoint supported websites where businesses conduct day-to-day functions and can share information to whomever they choose. It provides an excellent forum for any business, especially if you are a company that has personnel all over the world or is an organization that needs a fast and easy way to spread information to your members. There are many different ways that you can utilize SharePoint to make your business flow incredibly well anywhere you need it to.

Productivity by Simplification

Being able to utilize one forum to complete all of your business needs in extremely useful in today’s world and SharePoint simplifies your needs and creates a format that is very user friendly for your employees, customers, and members to use. With SharePoint you can sync all of your business documents through one drive, so you don’t have to keep up with your information in different places or formats. This one forum makes it easy for anyone working on projects together to manage and discuss their ideas all in one place.

Site calendars and emails also make it simple for everyone to work together through one single integrated system and you can boost production and create amazing ideas all in the same place, which makes it easy for everyone to work together to meet deadline or further your business’ goals. Using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – A Comprehensive Guide will expound on all of these great tools that you can use through SharePoint and much more so you can develop and create the best experience for you and your business.

Sharing Your Information

Besides the great tools you can use in SharePoint like Microsoft Project and Outlook, you can share your important information easily through your one integrated site. SharePoint allows you and anyone else who is a part of your system to communicate live with each other so you can all share simultaneously anything that needs to be sent, and with all of your documents located within the system you can send, print, copy, and edit all while talking with everyone who is a part of the meeting. You can also keep up with everyone in your company through the social feed, this allows you to speak in real time with anyone who is connected to your website.

You can create groups within your SharePoint forum so those who are working on things together can talk amongst themselves about their specific projects. As well as groups you can create communities so the groups can speak with each other as well so your company can get all of the information that they need to be as productive as possible.  This makes project collaboration amazingly easy and eliminates wait times, document loss, or many other problems that come from not having a centrally located format for your users. This is made even better by the fact that they provide you with an app available to download to your smart phone so even if you are out to lunch or away from your computer you can still communicate with anyone in your company to complete your projects or share information.

Find People and Analyze Your Business

So using SharePoint to collect data and create new projects is easy, but what if you want to look up people or things that those people have had a hand in? Through SharePoint you can find people, events, projects, or anything else by using the search key. SharePoint doesn’t just look for a contact, though; it looks through all of the information in the database to provide you with a complete and comprehensive response to your query. SharePoint gives you access to all of your documents and work with a completely hassle free interface and also allows you to analyze that data to explore the functionality of your business. It also will allow you to customize your searches for the future. SharePoint will analyze your past searches and will produce projects or people that you may be interested in viewing together to enhance your whole searching experience.

SharePoint with Excel also allows you to see your data from different angles so you can hone in your productivity, see trends, and compare information to increase your business output. Pattern recognition technology will help assist you in adding your information and allows you to see where your efforts are going or where they need to be concentrated.

Creation and Integration

SharePoint has many benefits already, but it can also help you build or add to your website so you can create something better. The SharePoint app store has many options for you to use to help aid your website and your integration for your specific business. You can add apps to link your contacts, libraries, calendars, and more – all to give your website the best accessibility and to enhance your business’ performance. You can either create your own apps or you can get ones that have already been created by Microsoft. There are many apps that are available in different categories to help advance your SharePoint site and integration. Some of the categories include education, communication, management, and more. These apps will help you and your employees with certain aspects of your site and can greatly add to your overall experience.

SharePoint can also help you create and design your own websites to be published online. You can use popular design products like Dreamweaver to create your personalized website through SharePoint. With the Design manager you can manage your site’s look, upload designs and pictures, create layouts, and more. You can preview your pages as well so you can see how they look on the screen for your customers and can edit and manage your sites all from your central SharePoint system. This makes it incredibly easy to run your site and simple for you and your colleagues to collaborate on designs and layouts.

For the best experience with your site SharePoint 2013 has tracking information available so you can track your customers needs and make the best decisions about what they want so you can provide a unique experience for customers with the most up to date information available. It even allows you to target specific products or audiences so you can get the most out of your website and your customers can have a great experience that is tailored to their needs. Check out our course on Microsoft SharePoint for Developers – Fundamentals for more information on creating a great and engaging website for your customers or targeted audience.

Overall Performance

SharePoint allows you to conduct your business in the easiest most simplified way possible while still delivering a complete performance based experience for you, your employees, and your customers. Everything is integrated together and is manageable through one system to provide you with convenience and power. You can also easily upgrade your system when the time comes without inconveniencing any of your users or customers. You can connect, manage, create, learn, and advance for the future, all with one system. Put the boardroom in your hand and take your business anywhere you want to go with SharePoint by Microsoft. If you are a new business owner just getting started or someone who is looking for more tips on how to make your business better, check out our Udemy blog post Pipeline Management: How to Optimize Sales for some more great information on streamlining your business plan.

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