SharePoint CRM: Align Your Marketing Strategy with Business Goals!

Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Engagement and Customer Relationship Management have become the most important functions of a successful business today. The Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams are the face of your organization and play an important role in building long lasting customer relations. Organizations around the world are competing fiercely to capture the imagination of their consumers and engage with them 24×7 for increased sales potential, higher customer satisfaction and greater visibility. You might be a Sales and Marketing professional, an entrepreneur aspiring to expand your business or a seasoned business executive looking to increase your company’s market share; you need a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for greater success. CRM helps you unlock your sales potential, provides better customer insights and enables you to formulate a personalized customer engagement model for greater user experience. There are many CRM applications available in the market today; it is imperative for you to choose the best and most effective CRM that will add the highest business value to your organization.

What is SharePoint CRM?

SharePoint CRM is the application developed by LookOut Software that is a simple yet powerful application and provides Sales Pipeline Management, Account Management, Campaign Tracking and many other innovative features. Designed for all versions of SharePoint and Office 365 online environments, the SharePoint CRM is flexible and easy to use for all CRM related applications. It equips your teams to reach the peak of their sales performance, empowers your customers with greater access to information and helps you stay ahead of the competition at all times.

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Features of SharePoint CRM

The SharePoint CRM has amazing features that will redefine the way you conduct business, engage with your consumers and get the ultimate advantage to stand out from the crowd. It has powerful features that will never cease to delight you:

  • Easy to use and simple configuration
  • Provides end-to-end customer management solutions
  • Includes marketing and sales functions
  • Manages accounts, leads and prospects by efficiently monitoring activities, documents and information updates
  • Helps you manage marketing campaigns, effective lead follow-ups and manage information on potential customers
  • Provides a flexible and collaborative portal to members of your sales and customer service teams wherein they can share information, participate in discussions, build strategies and more
  • The dashboard features provides better visibility on the sales and marketing objectives and targets for better forecasting
  • Cloud solution, on-premise deployment and easy integration with Outlook and other emails
  • Provides interactive graphs and charts, advanced reporting formats and integration with MS Office, SAP, Dynamics GP and other back office systems
  • Connects with social networks like LinkedIn and various mobile applications
  • Helps you create customized branding with your logo, graphics and other company data
  • Enhanced features like Polls, Weather, Stock Ticker and various other alerts for better user experience
  • Easy and intuitive navigation, attractive designs and provision for additional libraries, lists etc. to suit all your needs

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Benefits of Using SharePoint CRM

  • With more than 120 adaptable features, SharePoint CRM is the most customizable application that can be tailored to suit your business needs
  • Affordable pricing and helps you leverage your existing SharePoint investments for greater returns
  • Provides on-the-go CRM application for your sales and marketing teams to increase productivity
  • Features can be extended or removed to perfectly align with your marketing strategy
  • Compatible with third-party web parts and add-ons for further customization
  • Centralized business information wherein all customer data, leads, contracts, communications, documents etc. can be stored securely
  • Templates are available in B2B and B2C formats to suit your customer profiles
  • Seamless integration with Outlook allows for organized storage of emails, prospects, attachments, documents and more
  • Provides cloud-based software or on premise solutions for faster and reliable access to information
  • Helps you in collective management of corporate and customer data
  • Can be easily configured for Mobile CRM,  email and digital marketing, automatic reporting, instant updates, alerts on customer meetings, tracking on lead follow-up and more
  • Increases the efficiency of your teams with speedier communication and collaborative efforts
  • Secure environment for all your important data and gives you greater control on sensitive information
  • Very effective for small and medium sized companies to increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Best fit for organizations that already use SharePoint software thereby saving time and money
  • Can be easily extended to suit your changing marketing requirements and evolving businesses

These and many more benefits await you when you start using the SharePoint CRM software in your organization. For more details on its advantages,you can go ahead to our comprehensive Sharepoint guide.

How to Maximize Returns with SharePoint CRM?

The first and foremost criteria to maximize your returns through CRM is to clearly define your business requirements and align your marketing strategy with your organizational goals. Once you have done this, you need to give a thought on how to integrate your CRM software with the existing applications like ERP systems, accounting processes etc. Finally, you must deliberate on adopting a cost-effective approach to CRM taking into consideration the technologies involved and the level of security required. All said and done, choosing the best CRM solution plays a crucial role in your organization’s success. So you might wonder, with all the various applications available today, what makes SharePoint CRM a class apart? How can it help you maximize your returns?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that SharePoint CRM is proven to be the most cost-effective way to implement a powerful, hassle-free and easy to use CRM application across industries. Its key differentiator is that it not only gives importance to technology but also focuses on integration with your business processes for a smarter way to CRM. You will be amazed to see the increased efficiency in your sales and marketing performance, returning happy customers, greater visibility across the organization and better internal and external communication.

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When software expert Ron Charity reviewed the SharePoint CRM Template, he said:

Overall, I found SharePoint CRM very easy to install and use”, said Charity, “Installation took about 15 minutes.  I watched the educational videos on the SharePoint CRM site and within an hour I was navigating the site and entering information with ease.  Because the product is based on the SharePoint site framework and integrated with Office, it is very intuitive.” (courtesy:

So, it all boils down to the usability and effectiveness of a CRM application. SharePoint CRM is being used by organizations from all domains and it is rapidly changing the way we perceive customer relationship management. Companies are driving business growth, engaging their consumers through lively interactions and making a positive impact on their profitability. Why should you wait any longer?

The SharePoint CRM Template

The SharePoint CRM layout is based on the Microsoft Site Layout format and has easy navigation, embedded web parts and user-friendly configuration features.

Highly Interactive Dashboard – The dashboard allows easy creation, viewing ad search options for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Tasks and Calendar Items. It highlights instant alerts and updates on leads, meetings and gives you greater customizations.

Configurable Menu Options – Each CRM item has menu options such as edit, upload a file, send via email etc. to help you organize and share information across teams.

Built-In Quick Search – You can easily perform tasks like adding /deleting content, search information on campaigns, customer database etc. with the built-in fully integrated quick search box

Initiate Discussions – Not only can you add contact details, opportunities, leads and other marketing related information but also initiate relevant discussions across the organization. This helps you reach out to team members for shared knowledge, important data, tips and information on best practices etc. for collaborative efforts.

Business Management Tools – You can configure the CRM for effective business management that will help in monitoring the performance of the sales force, detailed reports on lead management and conversion, better control on resource allocation and many more functionalities.

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Succeed with SharePoint CRM

Many a times, organizations spend heavily on the latest CRM applications only to find them ineffective in attaining business objectives. SharePoint CRM consultants help you at all stages, right from understanding your specific needs till the implementation and training phase, to achieve the best return on investments for your company. They help you get insights into the best practices and structure your CRM application so that you and your employees can get the most out of it.

So, make a smart decision today! Chart out your business objectives and implement SharePoint CRM to align your marketing strategy with your business processes. Discover the many benefits of this intuitive CRM application and accelerate your sales initiatives for rapid growth!