Share the Love! February Campaign for Udemy Instructors

ShareTheLove_emailheroBrad Hussey shared his love for design & development and earned enough in two months teaching on Udemy to take his family on a 25-day vacation!

Brad Hussey Testimonial

Are you ready to Share the Love like Brad and so many other Udemy instructors? Get ready for our February campaign! All month, we’ll share ways for you to Share the Love to new, potential students. On February 28th, we’ll select two Share the Love winners:

  1. Leader of Enrollments: the instructor who enrolls the most new students to Udemy through your coupon code
  2. Leader of Sales: the instructor who earns the most in sales from new students enrolled through your coupon code.

Both instructors will win a feature on our Main Banner and $100 to spend on a loved one. 

Are you in?? SHARETHELOVE using the tips below!

Tip from Brad:

Number 1

Post on Reddit: This one’s obvious, but worked like a charm for me! This one got me nearly 1K free students on my first course.

Tip from the Best of the Blog:

Number 2

Send an email to the people on your email list and/or in your network providing them with a free, discounted, or full price coupon code “SHARETHELOVE” to enroll in your course themselves and/or to share widely with friends, colleagues, etc. Previously, an instructor enrolled over 100 students when his friend shared his coupon code with his co-workers.

Steal this script!

Hi Anna… This month, I’m spreading the love and sharing my course with the people in my network and closest to me. Feel free to use this coupon code SHARETHELOVE to enroll in my course for (e.g. FREE, $5, $19, 50% off, etc.) and share it as widely as you want! For instance, you can email it to your friends or share it at work. I’d like to welcome as many people into my course in February who share my love for (e.g. Excel, web design, yoga, photography, etc.). I appreciate your love & support!

P.S. Here are photos Brad was kind enough to share of him and his family on vacation, courtesy of his teaching on Udemy.