The need for continuous learning in the workplace is more critical than ever, with 14% of the global workforce requiring new skills over the next decade. But ask learning and development leaders why successfully upskilling their employees is easier said than done, and they’ll offer the same reason — not enough time.

In fact, in our 2021 Workplace Trends Learning Report, 61% of learning and development leaders reported time as the biggest obstacle for upskilling their workforce. We’re not going to make more hours in a day, but we can make those hours more productive by placing learning in the workflow. Introducing the solution to the challenge of time and productivity, a new integration of Udemy for Business course content into ServiceNow’s Learning Posts. By placing learning in ServiceNow workflows, companies can put learning at their employees’ fingertips whether they’re working from home, the office, or in the waiting room of their kid’s piano practice. 

ServiceNow is known for boosting employee productivity through its digital workflow offerings, which place all the tools employees need for their role in one central place. With Learning Posts, part of ServiceNow’s Employee Journey Management solution, ServiceNow leverages its workflow efficiencies to address the challenges of upskilling a distributed and busy workforce. 

Here are a few ways Udemy for Business and ServiceNow’s new integration not only brings learning into the flow of work but also boosts long-term employee productivity. 

Personalized learning recommendations for all employees

While many organizations offer learning to their employees, there’s not always a simple way to surface learning opportunities in the moment to employees when they need them. The Learning Posts solution is able to embed learning into the flow of work to create an omnichannel and personalized learning experience into an employee’s daily task flow. Udemy for Business courses can be embedded into Learning Posts to help employees quickly upskill. The new technology populates Learning Posts with relevant courses based on an employee’s interests. 

It can be challenging for employees to get the right learning in the right moment of their employee journey — from onboarding to promotion to returning from leave. Personalized recommendations ensure employees are supported throughout their entire lifecycle with a company and are equipped to learn the skills they need when they need them.

A preview of ServiceNow’s personalized learning recommendations.

Deliberate upskilling with the world’s leading experts

By adding Udemy for Business to ServiceNow workflows, employees always have access to the latest skills taught by leading subject matter experts. Instructors create content that keeps pace with industry trends to update courses regularly so that learners can immediately apply skills and keep their companies ahead of the curve.  

Forget the high costs of in-person training and grow your employees’ data science skills from an instructor trusted by over two million learners worldwide. Despite their global reach, learners still have direct access to top instructors. They can get their questions answered by the instructors themselves, and their feedback tells instructors what works and how they can improve upon courses in their frequent content refreshes. 

Workplace learning you (and your security team) can trust

As distributed workforces grew in the last year, so did the urgency for implementing cybersecurity best practices. According to PwC, not only do organizations with poor security practices risk financial loss, but their intellectual property, employee data, customer data, and hard-earned reputation are at risk as well. 

Single sign-on (SSO) logins for employee tools are a powerful component of security for IT teams. Companies that enable the Udemy for Business integration in ServiceNow will have learners use SSO technology so that one login is used for both offerings. Learners get quick access to their courses, and IT teams get peace of mind knowing company data and system access are secure.

Boost productivity and put learning in the flow of work today

The ServiceNow integration of Udemy for Business course content infuses learning into the moments that matter most for employees resulting in a more knowledgeable and productive workforce. 

If your company is an existing ServiceNow and Udemy for Business customer, talk with your ServiceNow account manager about enabling Udemy for Business course content in your Learning Posts.

And if you’re already using ServiceNow and would like to put learning at your employees’ fingertips with Udemy for Business, speak to our experts about creating a training plan that meets your business goals. 

Page Last Updated: June 2021