google-zipYou have your own website, but does it contain a link back to your Udemy course?

Why is a backlink important? By linking to your Udemy course, you are helping the authority of your Udemy course page. You are telling Google that your Udemy course page should rank well for the keywords in your course title when people search for it. That way, your course is more likely to appear on the first page of results.

Here’s how to do it so Google properly recognizes your backlinks:

Include a link on your website that contains an exact match of your course title and that points to your course on Udemy. For example, if the full name of your course is Reaching Your Kickstarter Goals, then:

  1. Include the name of your course on your website: Reaching Your Kickstarter Goals 
  2. Hyperlink the name of your course to your course page, using the URL:

The final link should look like this:

Reaching Your Kickstarter Goals

The html code behind it, if you want to double check, should look like this:

<a href=”“>Reaching Your Kickstarter Goals</a>

We recommend that you add this exact match link on your home page, which is the page with the most authority on your website. You can also include it on your about page, in a blog post, and wherever else it makes sense.

This is a quick and simple way to improve the potential for new students to discover your courses via Google search.

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