Selling Insurance Like A Boss! 10 Qualities You Must Possess

selling insuranceDo you think selling insurance is tough?  Although it can be perceived as being just that, selling insurance is actually rather easy.  All you really need to be successful is to possess interpersonal and corporate skills.  That means, being able to point out the benefits of your product while establishing an individual customer’s approach.  Sound simple enough yet?  If you are shaking your head, then let’s dig a little bit deeper.

Whether you already have a job as an insurance salesperson or you are interested in becoming one, rest assured as you’ve come to the right place.  With that said, there’s no one correct way towards selling insurance.  There are tons of successful agents out there making a lot of money, but the majority of them have their own unique ways of working their sales pitch.  Most of those agents will agree though that there are some key core qualities that every agent must develop in order to sell.

Learn the 8 sales secrets it takes to sell here.

What It Takes To Sell

  1. Put the client’s needs first – Almost every client will want to be heard.  If you only care about making a sale and earning commission, your customer will probably lose interest in what you’re offering.  Agents and brokers who listen carefully to what their clients are saying will be able to earn their trust, which is probably the most difficult part of the job.  Don’t over-talk and make the clients feel like they are just listening to a lecture from you.  Let them do the talking and listen to their problems, and see what it is they really need.  Answer all of their questions and concerns so they feel like they are being cared for.  Part of selling insurance is having good customer service skills.
  2. Be persistent – Don’t let first impressions fool you, as most of your clients will probably be skeptical of what you’re selling initially.  People who thrive in sales are the ones who are persistent, and try every tactic possible to interest their clients before finally letting go.  You must also be able to handle rejection well.  If your first sales pitch was unsuccessful, smile at the client and try a different approach.  But try to refrain from being overbearing or demanding, as that will only make you look desperate.  Think of it this way, each “no” that you hear will only bring you closer to someone who will say “yes”.
  3. Don’t lie – It’s possible to trick your clients into buying insurance, but odds are you will eventually get caught or fired from your job.  It can be tempting to make up a quick lie in order to persuade someone, but in the long run it can backfire on you.  Plus, you want them to gain your trust and respect so you can establish a good working relationship.  Always be honest with your clients!
  4. Presentation is key – People naturally pass judgment on others based only on their looks.  And the first thing your customer witnesses when you walk into the room is your appearance.  This means that you should always be looking sharp.  You don’t necessarily have to wear a suit and tie (although it doesn’t hurt), but make sure you’ve showered, wear clean clothes, do your hair, and anything else to look presentable.
  5. Cut to the chase – Customers don’t want to sit around and listen to an insurance broker ramble on and on about nothing.  You will lose their interest right away, and at that point you have pretty much lost your chance.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t paint a picture for your clients though.  If you are telling a story and building it up to make your point, in why they should buy your insurance, then that’s perfectly fine.  Just make sure what you are saying to your client has a purpose.
  6. Stay positive – Insurance salespeople have to act both positive and confident when giving their sales pitch.  It’s hard, however, to sustain that high level of confidence and being positive when the customer sounds uninterested or is giving you the evil eye.  Never lose focus on your main goal.  You will be surprised how much someone can be persuaded just by your attitude and presentation if you stay positive.
  7. Know your products well – In order to sell your product, you must know everything about it, as well as any alternative offers that come with it.  There will be times when the customer will say they can’t afford that specific package, but is willing to work something else out.  That’s when you come in and explain their different options, without having to look at any notes.  And especially when dealing with insurance, you will also want to understand everything about the tax and legal aspects of your policies.  These questions will arise at some point, and it’s your job to answer them promptly.
  8. Use visuals – Some people, including me, need to visualize what is being told to us in order to see the big picture.  Instead of boring your customer with numbers and figures about insurance policies, use graphs and pie charts to give their ears a rest and paint a better picture of what you’re explaining.  Take it a step further and implement Powerpoint slides into your presentation.  This will also save you some energy from having to talk so much.
  9. Learn from your mistakes – No one is perfect and you will make mistakes.  The important part is not making the same mistake again.  If you happened to say something that offended your client, keep note of that and never say it again to anyone else.  Don’t make excuses for yourself either if you messed up somewhere down the road.  Fess up to it, learn from it, and move forward.
  10. Use social media – Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media outlet you can get your hands on.  Most of them are free, so all it costs you is time.  Get your friends and family to share and like your sites so others can view it.  Your goal here is to get your product out to the internet.  Post pictures, online articles, or any content that relates to your insurance.

Expand Your Game

There’s always room for improvement, and selling insurance is no exception.  Start reading up on new and creative ways to sell your product.  If you know anyone who works in sales, poke at their brain and see what tactics they use.  Or even better, watch and observe them in action and take good notes.

Another route is to enroll in online courses that are both convenient and affordable.  How To Be A High Performance Insurance Broker Part 1 contains hours of lectures, exercises and assessments to help you maximize your potential and revenue.  If you don’t believe me, read some of the student reviews for yourself!

Think of it this way.  Selling insurance is similar to taking a journey in which you are leading your customer into.  If the customer doesn’t know where you are headed and why he or she should join you, that person will most likely refuse your offer or go off on a different direction.  Therefore, it’s your job to get the customer interested and excited about the destination.  Explain how beautiful the place is, what great things are expected to come with it, and answer any questions that person may have.