Self Esteem Activities That Increase Confidence

self esteem activitiesThe personal development world is filled with good advice on how to live a life where you feel high self esteem. Some people have even chosen to teach others self-development techniques. If you are looking for specific self esteem activities that increase confidence, then this article will have the answers you seek. Read on without fear. And if you want self esteem activities that you can teach others, then you have come to the right place as well! When you teach the self esteem activities in this article, you will boost the confidence of your students. By the way, a phenomenal new way to present self esteem activities is by teaching an online video course on Udemy.


Activity #1: Visualize The Outcome You Want


When you want to increase your self esteem or the self esteem of your students, a powerful tool for boosting that self esteem lies in visualization. Visualization is when you close your eyes and picture yourself reaching the goals that you want to achieve. Top athletes from all sports report visualizing their success before taking action, but you don’t need to be a pro athlete to benefit from the power of visualization. For example, if you or your students have issues with social anxiety, then a useful self esteem activity is to have your students visualize themselves in a social environment where everyone is exceedingly friendly, and where the student has all the confidence he or she desires. Bringing your students into these visualizations can have remarkable positive effects on their self esteem.


Activity #2: Challenge Negative Thoughts And Emotions


Most of us are very familiar with our “inner critic” that often seeks to undermine or belittle us in our minds. If you have ever had a negative thought tell you that you’re not good enough or in some other way inadequate, then you know what I mean. One of the most powerful self esteem activities out there is to take control of your inner world by challenging the negative thoughts and emotions as they arise. Instead of just giving in, when your students have negative thoughts, teach them to logically challenge that thought in their mind.


For example, if your student has a thought while he is jogging or exercising that “I have to slow down, I can’t keep going”, tell your student to challenge that thought. He can challenge it by saying “Oh really? Well then watch me keep going.” I have also challenged negative thoughts just by thinking to myself “Irrelevant” after the negative thought, and it builds confidence when you prove that negative thought wrong.


By challenging the negative thought or emotion, you cut off the momentum from that thought leading to other negative thoughts. And when you prove that negative thought wrong, you really build self-esteem because you show yourself that you are capable of successfully challenging that thought. Therefore, one of the best self esteem activities you can have your students do is to teach them to challenge negative thoughts and emotions.


Activity #3: Find The Silver Lining When Things Go Wrong


In addition to the above self esteem activities, you can also teach your personal development students how to find the silver lining in situations that are less than ideal. Finding the silver lining means that you actively and consciously seek to find the positive in an outcome. This can be challenging for your students in the beginning, but human beings are creatures of habit. And as a result, you can literally train your students to seek the positive silver lining in all situations. The end goal is that your students will have a new, sustainable habit to naturally and intuitively seek the positive in any situation.


I’ll give you an example from my professional life. A few years ago, I had a part time job making decent money for a local not-for-profit organization. I had been working there for a year, when my boss called me in and told me that they didn’t have the funds to support my job anymore, so they needed to lay me off. While this was disappointing, I immediately looked for the silver lining.


The silver lining in this case was that now I would have an opportunity to find a full-time job with benefits. That proved to be the right mindset. Within one month, I had landed a full-time job with benefits at a salary more than double what I had been making at the not-for-profit! By seeking the silver lining in a challenging situation, I was able to turn what can be a troubling event for some into an opportunity of a lifetime. Creatively teaching your students to find the silver lining is one of the most effective self esteem activities you can teach.


Activity #4: Day of Praise and Day Without Self-Criticism


One of my favorite self esteem activities is to have a day of praise and no self-criticism. Here is how this self esteem activity goes. The first step is to make a commitment to yourself that you will consciously be aware of your thoughts and emotions, and actively avoid any self-criticism. Whenever you notice yourself about to criticize yourself, you instead change course and instead give yourself praise and a compliment. It will feel somewhat unusual at first, but the most enlightening aspect of this self esteem activity is that you will realize that you may be criticizing yourself more than you were previously aware of. Now that you have this new perspective on your inner world, you can consciously choose to speak to yourself more positively. A day without self-criticism and instead a day of praise is one of the most effective self esteem activities you can teach your students to boost their confidence.

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