self confidence testTake some time to think back to the last time you walked into a room, a gathering, or approached someone with a full sense of passion, enthusiasm, and confidence?  Was it not too long ago, or are you unable to even recall the last time that happened?  If you are feeling a bit on edge about your current confidence levels, or just curious to see where you might stand, consider taking a confidence test to see where your current levels are. You may come up showing confidence you did not think or had, or, you might feel like you need to switch some of your focus around.  Whatever the case, we are going to provide you with some simple questions that you can answer to test your levels of confidence.  Get in tune with your feelings and emotions, and let’s see where you place your value.

Self Confidence Test Questions

With these questions, choose the following as answers:

Good luck!  Remember to answer the questions based on how you feel at this time in your life, and not with what you hope to be.

  1. I often do what I believe is expected of me, and not what I believe to be “right.”
  2. I respond and handle new situations with comfort, ease, and acceptance.
  3. I am positive, energized, and excited about my life.
  4. If there is something that looks difficult, I will avoid doing it.
  5. I continue to try and persevere when others around me have given up.
  6. I believe that if I work hard enough to solve a problem, I will find an answer.
  7. I achieve the goals that I implement for myself.
  8. If I am faced with a difficult person or situation, I will feel hopeless and helpless.
  9. I find that I can relate to people who work very hard, yet are still unable accomplish the goals they have set.
  10. I am given positive feedback on my achievements and my work.
  11. If I do not experience success early on in what I am doing, I will not continue.
  12. When I overcome an obstacle or tough situation, I take time to think about the lessons that I have learned from it.
  13. If I work hard, I believe that I can achieve any goal.
  14. I am in contact with people who I consider successful, and who share similar skills and experiences that I do.

Score Reviewing

self confidence testThings to do to Build or Maintain Self Confidence

When taking a look at the questions from this test, most of them have to do with the way we view ourselves and our abilities.  No matter what your score it, you will want to improve, maintain, or heavily nurture the self-confidence that you do have.  Let’s take a look at some things anyone can do to help improve their self confidence.  If you are already practicing these things – great – keep at it!

Respect yourself:  Remember that the only person you need to impress is yourself.  This can be tough to do if you place your personal value on what others think of you.  However, at the end of the day, you need to live your life with the integrity and values that appeal to you.  Do things that impress you, not someone else.

Have goals:  Without goals, you will not be able to track any improvement that you might be making.  By creating goals for yourself, you can have a sense of accomplishment or achievement as you progress towards them.  This will work to improve your self confidence.  Remember that your goals do not have to be anything overly-exaggerated.  Your goals can be fun, such as learning how to fly a kite, or meeting up with a friend you have not seen in a long time.

Work hard:  Once you have your goals in place; aim to work to achieve them.  Working hard will build your self confidence, because you will be aware that you are taking steps to achieve those goals.  Choose goals that help you enhance your strengths and slowly build any weaknesses you might have.

Place value in things that are not superficial:  The way that you view the world and certain things in it will impact your self esteem as well.  For instance, if you place a lot of value on your looks or popularity, your self confidence will be easily breakable.  Instead, focus on things such as educations, sports, arts, or pursuits that help develop skills.

Help Others:  One of the best and easiest ways for someone to boost their self confidence is through helping others.  By taking the focus away from you and putting it onto someone else, you will get outside your head and learn to help others in need that may be less fortunate.

Earn that Confidence!

Self confidence is something that is earned overtime, and will take time to grow, cultivate, and solidify in one’s personality.  If you scored lower than you might have thought on the self confidence test, do not worry!  Everyone has to work on their self confidence at one time or another as it is not an easy thing to maintain!  Just remember to keep going strong, hold your head high, and know your worth.

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