seleniumtutorialSelenium is primarily a testing tool that automates browsers and web applications. It is an open source technology that provides a portable software testing framework to software testers. Since its inception in 2004, the Selenium functional testing tool has come a long way and is currently one of the leading free testing tools available in the industry. Due to its open source nature, programmers from all over the world can and do improve the code continuously. Selenium is available for all major platforms (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux) and works on major browsers.

Countless Selenium tutorials are available online for software testers looking for reliable testing technology. In this blog post, we will discuss Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and why Selenium is a good option for software testers

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on that is used for recording, creating, and enhancing scripts. It is used to record your interactions with the browser and play them back. IDE stands for integrated development environment.

Selenium IDE records scripts in a special scripting language called Selenese. This language makes it easier for the tester to provide commands to the browser, such as automating the browser to select an option or to click a link. There are also commands for retrieving data from pages. The commands can be moved around quickly and there is auto completion support for editing them. Scripts in Selenese may also be recorded automatically.

Selenium IDE is popularly used for creating bug reproduction scripts and exploratory testing scripts. The best thing about Selenium IDE is that Selenese is easy to understand and anyone with a basic knowledge of web application testing can learn Selenium IDE in a few days.

Selenium WebDriver

The Selenium WebDriver drives a browser natively as a user would. It uses the Selenium Server and is a major advancement in browser automation technology. The Selenium WebDriver has rendered the Selenium Remote Control obsolete, and is commonly referred to as Selenium 2.0.

The Selenium Remote Control had a few limitations. It had a single host origin policy, and the file upload, download, dialogs, and pop-up functions affected the functional test coverage. The Selenium WebDriver does not have such limitations and supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, iPhone, Android, and all major browsing platforms effectively.

Selenium 2.0 does not require a special server and can start and control a browser directly. If the tests are being conducted on remote systems, the Selenium grid can be used. Selenium 2.0 is supported by C#, Ruby, Python, and Java.

The Selenium WebDriver has two aims:

1.       To become the WebDriver standard in major programming languages

2.       To enable developers to build their own domain specific language

With such aims and the technology to achieve them, Selenium 2.0 will be popular among testers who want to scale and distribute scripts across multiple environments. If you want to learn how to write Java scripts in Selenium 2.0 WebDriver, we recommend you search for affordable online courses and start as soon as possible. Selenium is an ever evolving technology and the sooner you start learning it the sooner you can benefit from it.

Advantages of Learning Selenium

There are many advantages of learning Selenium, especially if you are looking to enhance your career options in the testing industry. In every field you have to keep learning and evolving with time if you want to prosper. This holds especially true for the IT industry. If you are a web application tester and are still using manual testing, Selenium will change your career dramatically.

By learning how to automate testing through Selenium, you will be able to accomplish more in less time, and will be able to offer your services to more clients. Given that Selenium is a rapidly growing technology, it is extremely important for anyone in the testing industry to at least gain basic knowledge about it. Learning Selenium is a wise option for those looking for a thriving career in the testing industry.

Anyone looking for a Selenium Tutorial can easily find it online. There is plenty of online support, there are many tutorials, and there is plenty of literature you can benefit from. Selenium being open source is a major advantage because any contributor from any part of the world can improve it.

Selenium 2.0 supports all major browsers, all major operating systems, all major programming languages, and easily runs multiple tests simultaneously. It is a few improvements away from becoming a universal testing standard. When such a technology is available freely at your disposal, learning how to use it is a no-brainer.

Open source tools are robust in nature and have a high learning curve. You need to have a working knowledge of programming languages to benefit from Selenium courses available online. However, more and more companies are looking for skilled Selenium resources and there are plenty of opportunities for someone good at this open source tool.

The online courses for learning Selenium are helpful, and if you practice it and try to implement what you learned after each class, you will improve your skill in a short period of time. If you are not comfortable with courses that consist of pre-recorded videos, you can opt for a course where live classes are held through video chat.

As with any other open source technology, you have to read the literature and have to stay updated with the latest changes being introduced. We recommend using the official Selenium website to keep up with the latest Selenium news. In short, if you test web applications for a living, learn Selenium, it will make your life easier.

We hope this blog post helped you gain a basic understanding of Selenium and why you should try a Selenium Tutorial. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments, we will love to hear what you have to say.

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