Author Scott Young on Online Education

Today, we have author Scott Young with us today. Scott has written about the power of holistic learning and new ways to learn more effectively. He is here with us today to talk about his views on education and technology.

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got involved with education.

I’m a university student, so thinking about learning and how that meshes with a life philosophy is in my environment.

2. What makes the current generation of students different from others in terms of technology?

Technology enables us to access more knowledge, theoretically enhancing our ability to learn and gain expertise. But while it increases knowledge, it also increases noise, so it is also harder and harder to manage attention (as anyone from the internet generation will attest to).

3. Do you think it’s possible to one day have an all-online education?

Online universities already exist, and many universities have distance education programs. As for a largely free online education, I don’t think it’s too far from the future. The tools are already there, they just aren’t consistent or located all in one place.

4. What is the biggest obstacle in integrating technology in education?

The education establishments are slow-moving and hesitant to make their best work available online. As a result, most of the high-quality education online comes from enthusiastic amateurs, who often lack the resources to make a truly robust curriculum.

5. What developments in educational technology personally excite you?

YouTube and other streaming video platforms are incredibly powerful, but currently under-utilized. Classes which would normally only be seen by less than one hundred students are now open to millions.

Thanks for chatting with us Scott! Again, you can see his books here. For more information about revolutionizing education, see our main website here.