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sales pitch examplesSome of these sales pitch examples you’ll get to review today will help you get started selling your product or idea. Everyone does selling every day. If you try to sway your mother that she needs to do something for you or persuade your child to behave properly then you are selling those ideas. So, selling isn’t as difficult as you might think.  You need some fine tuning and need to learn a few new techniques to break some old habits, is all. If you want to jump right into some great sales training, Marco Montemagno has an online course for sales pitches called “How to Supercharge your pitch in 1 hour.”

The Types of Sales Pitches

There are many types of sales pitches.  Some sales pitch examples are:

Each type of sale has its own pitch variation. For instance, it would be very counterproductive in this sales pitch example to put, “How are you today?” in a pitch on your product on eBay, right? That opener is typically used as an opener for the salesperson that is working in-person, though.

You will need to use only what is relevant to your type of sale. Tailor your sales pitch to what makes sense and is comfortable for you to use. If you are selling a diaper service door to door, you are going to want to grab the customer’s attention in the first sentence. If you start with “Hi, I’m Fred from Nappy Queen,” the door is going to slam shut before you get to the word Queen.  If you are working at a dress shop, it is important to introduce yourself to the customer when they walk into your store.  So, keep this in mind as you mentally tailor a pitch for your situation.

Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak

When selling, it is most effective to sell the benefit the customer is going to receive from the item, not the item itself. So, if you are selling steaks, for example, you do not build your sales pitch around “top of the line 16 ounce sirloin steaks.”  You create your sales pitch around “tender, juicy, mouthwatering beef that will have your friends waiting for your dinner invites.”  People don’t buy steaks, they buy the taste and what they get from those steaks. It is the same with any product.  They are buying it because of what it does for them. So, your sales pitch needs to focus on what they are really buying and that is what they get out of it.

Never Focus On Price

One of the most common mistakes a salesperson will make is to sell the price and not sell the benefit of the product.  If the customer wouldn’t buy the beauty treatment service at $99.00, then the salesperson drops the price to $89.00. Well, if they were not sold at $99, they still are not sold at $89.00. The issue needs to be addressed on why they didn’t want it on the first attempt to close the sale.

In other sales pitch examples, you focus on the benefits the customer is going to get from that beauty treatment.  She will look gorgeous in a make-over that will bring out her best features and natural colors. This is something she wants.  She doesn’t want to just drop $99.00, she does want to look her very best.

In this sales pitch example if you are selling lawn mowers, you need to focus on what the customer will get out of that particular mower. “It is going to make your lawn the envy of that guy next door and get that job done in half the time it is taking you now. As a bonus, it will catch all your grass clippings so that you never have to pick up a rake again!” Boris wants his neighbor’s admiration and to be the hot shot in the ‘hood. He also wants to do less work in order to get all that. That is what he’s buying, the lawn mower just gets him there. So, that’s what you need to be selling.

If you want to learn more about selling the value or benefit of the product to the customer and view other sales pitch examples, a class given by Victor Antonio focuses on selling the benefits of products instead of focusing on the price. His class is “Value Centric Selling – How to Sell on Value, Not Price.”

The Online Sales Pitch Examples

Suppose your sales pitch needs to be written and uploaded into a shopping cart. If you are selling your products on a website or on a big website like eBay or Amazon, it is a little different. This is a one way conversation instead of a two way conversation so it is a little bit of a different animal. The basic principles are still there, but the approach is quite different.

In print or virtual print, you need to keep it short and to the point. List the features, but make the customer’s benefits more prominent. Here we are still back to selling the customer what they are going to get out of the product. They are interested in features, yes, but they are interested in what they are going to get out of those features.

So, your product listing for a black, sheer blouse should have all the normal blouse particulars like size, color, texture and washing instructions. But featured in bolder print and listed before the features should be the benefits of the blouse.  “This lightweight, frilly blouse will have everyone giving you a double-take when you enter the room. Its sexy, sheer, silky fabric will give you that mysterious aura leaving men to wonder what you are really about.” A woman will buy that sales pitch, a lot fewer women will buy “black, size 16.”

If you are going to be selling products on eBay or Amazon, there is a good class that will get you started right on those websites. The class is taught by Matt Bernstein, who has been successfully selling online since 2006.  Matt Bernstein’s class is called “How to Sell on eBay & Amazon For Beginners Step by Step.” His class will go over everything involved in selling online including how to research and judge whether or not selling your item is likely to sell online.  The class also covers the mechanics of how to list your products on eBay and Amazon.com including sales pitch examples for selling online.

It Is all About the Sale

Sales is a very big topic, too much for just one blog post so I’m just giving a few points to work on.  There is also a big topic to cover on how to close the sale – asking them to buy.  Other topics are what to do when they say no – how to overcome their objections to buying what you’re selling, how long to spend on talking about features and benefits and a whole bunch of other topics to cover besides reviewing sales pitch examples.

Here is a sales pitch blog that gives some highlights on sales and on some of those sales pitch examples. It starts with making sure you know your customer then how to qualify them to see if that person is the one you want to be talking to. It also takes a brief trip into how to most effectively handle your customer with a sales pitch and close the deal.

Sales is a really big topic and you are going to need to do a great deal of studying and learning from the masters in order to become a top selling salesperson.  When sales is done right, your customers are left loving you and selling your praises to their friends.  They will not see you as the pushy enemy that talks them into something they don’t want. They will see you as someone who understands them and gives them exactly what they want. For more sales pitch learning and to see more sales pitch examples, see Grant Weherley’s online class called “How to Hustle: Sell Anything and Win at Everything.” Grant Weherley takes the approach that you are selling in every aspect in your life.  If you want a date, you need to sell that person on going out with you.  With his class, you will learn to apply basic sales pitch theory to every aspect of your life to become happier and get more of what you want out of your job and your personal life. Dave Swanson also has a class on selling on Amazon you might want to review, called “Learn How to Sell on Amazon.” Also, you should check out this online class that teaches you how to sell as an eBay Affiliate, “How to Make Money as an eBay Affiliate.”

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