Sahaja Meditation: Learn to Practice This Type of Meditation

sahaja meditationMeditation isn’t just sitting on a pillow with your legs crossed and palms open going, ‘Ohm…’ There are actually many different types and levels of mediation. Many may not know that even yoga is considered a type of meditation, that’s how diverse these practices are.

To be successful with meditation, you have to be consistent. Meditation is something that comes with practice. You’re not going to reap all the benefits after one session. Instead, you will need to work at your practice and make little goals for yourself each day.

If you’re new to meditation, we offer this course that will get you acquainted to the practice. It starts out easy, with basic meditation instruction, tips and guidance. As you put these tips into practice and get more comfortable, you will start to see changes in your everyday life. Benefits to meditation include reduced stress, increased energy, enhanced immune system, improved concentration, enhanced mental clarity, and more.

What is Sahaja Meditation?

If you’ve worked hard at your meditation practice and think you are ready to step it up to the next level, the Sahaja style is something you might be interested in trying. Created in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, ‘Sahaja’ means ‘born with’ or ‘innate,’ meaning we are all born with the energy inside us to practice this meditation. The goal is to achieve thoughtlessness awareness and an inner peace and balance. You can achieve these things with practice, but the great thing about meditation is that you can always get better and go further with your practice. To achieve thoughtlessness awareness, your mind must be calmed and gradually emptied of all distractions.

Trying to empty your mind of all thoughts and distractions isn’t as easy as it seems. Let’s try now. For 30 seconds, close your eyes and try not to let any thoughts enter your head.

Harder than it sounds, right?

That’s because we are constantly surrounded by stimuli. Meditation helps your brain to quiet the stimuli for a few moments, with Sahaja meditation taking that to a level of complete thoughtlessness.

To get to that point, you have to practice and fit some sort of meditation into you life at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be time that is quality and time where you are improving on your practice. If you have meditation goals for yourself, we offer this course that is a 10-day meditation challenge. It’s simple: just meditate for five to 10 minutes for 10 days. When you look at an entire day, finding five to 10 minutes in a 24-hour day isn’t that difficult. The 10-day challenge is realistic, the goal is within reach, and you will be strengthening you mind by reducing stress and anxiety and increasing your focus, memory and concentration.

Taking the Steps Toward Sahaja Meditation

You can also achieve Sahaja Meditation through yoga, as there is a specific yoga practice called Sahaja Yoga. The focus of this practice is that the goal is self realization. To achieve self realization, you have to be mindful and present while doing your practice. In order to do that, thoughts about stresses, things we have to do in the future and the like, have to be pushed aside. Once you do that, you can start to be aware of your present state, aware of yourself at that moment in time.

Yoga is a great way to go deeper with your meditation. With yoga, you have to focus on your breathing and holding your stances. By doing this, it distracts your mind from stimuli that occupy it during the day. If you’re having a hard time gaining focus with your meditation, doing yoga is a way you can sharpen your focus and forget about your current stresses by focusing on your breath and holding you poses.

If you are looking to work specifically on your peace of mind, we offer this course that focuses on yoga for energy and peace of mind. You will learn yoga techniques through a 30-minutes class and not only will you gain energy and heighten your peace of mind, but you will also help you develop flexibility, core and body strength. For those that are new to the practice, there are also four how-to videos that help you master the poses before you dive into the 30-minute yoga class.

Moving Forward With Your Practice

Once you have a fair amount of experience with Sahaja Meditation and Sahaja Yoga in your everyday life, you can start to increase the amount of time in your practice to give you a stronger mind and body. You will find as you increase the amount of time you spend in your practice, you will notice that you are less stressed, have a better love of yourself and find an overall balance in your life. Things that once put a huge amount of stress on your life are now not as big of a deal as they once were.

If you are satisfied with your meditation and yoga practices and are hungry for more, we offer this course that is a 10-day meditation retreat. By using these 10 days to focus on your practice, you will be able to hit the ‘reset’ button and view life and yourself in a whole different manner. You will be able to connect with yourself better and find peace and stillness in everyday life.

Once you start noticing the changes and overall peace brought into your life, meditation as a lifestyle may be your next step. It is easy to find 15 minutes in your day. The next time you pick up your phone to play a game or channel surf, you could be improving your mind, body and give yourself inner peace. Now, which sounds like it has more benefits?