Sacral Chakra: The Center of Your Creativity and Emotions

sacral chakra

Chakras, the energy centers found from the base of your spine all the way up to the top of your head, are influential in how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. By balancing the chakras, you can ensure that they’re open and are allowing the vital life force that circulates within to flow through you easily and bring healing and calmness throughout your body. There are many ways to align the chakras and open them up so that they’re balanced. Methods include yoga, cleansing meditations, the use of mantras, and Reiki, which you can learn more about by reading this blog post.

The sacral chakra is the second of the seven primary chakras. It’s an important energy center that you should focus on in order to bring balance to various areas of your life, from your relationships to your career and your emotional wellbeing. To learn more about this particular chakra and what it influences, as well as how to balance it, continue reading. 

Getting to Know the Sacral Chakra

sacral chakraThis energy center is also referred to as the seat of your emotions. Everything that you experience in your relationships with others, from love all the way to hate, is concentrated in this chakra. Therefore, it has a lot of influence over your relationships and how you react to and deal with other people in your life. When balanced, you’re able to express yourself and understand the needs of others so that your relationships can improve. And because this is the seat of your sexuality as well, when it’s balanced, you find that your romantic relationships become more loving and honest.

The sacral chakra is also the creative center, where you can use the masculine and feminine elements that you embody to create new things. Therefore, beyond governing your reproductive organs and allowing you to procreate, this chakra is also associated with the creation of anything artistic that you can leave behind for others to enjoy or that you can use to make a positive impact in the world.

As you can probably imagine, when this energy center is blocked, it can create a lot of problems throughout your life. Your relationships may begin to suffer and you may find yourself emotionally unstable. Also, you may find yourself in unhealthy relationships. You may even become addicted to food, drugs, alcohol, or people who aren’t good for you. Problems with your reproductive system may occur, and you may even find that your creativity is stifled, inhibiting you from being inspired and making something that brings you and others happiness.

Balancing the Sacral Chakra

Mantra Meditation

The mantra associated with the sacral chakra is “Vam,” so chanting this mantra, either out loud or in your mind, while breathing deeply in and out of your nose can help you to focus your attention on this chakra and purify it while bringing healing energy to this area of your body. Also, because the color orange is associated with this chakra, you should envision this color surrounding your body, but particularly coming vibrantly and brightly into the area where this chakra is located, within the pelvic region below your navel.

Yoga and Exercise

As with all other chakras, there are certain yoga poses, or asanas, that can be used to balance and open it up. You can take a course like this one, which provides you with yoga postures that will align the chakras gently. When it comes to yoga for the sacral chakra, you should also focus on hip-opening asanas, such as bound angle pose or pigeon pose, as well as vinyasas that give you the opportunity to use the breath to flow fluidly from one pose into the next. Make sure your body is loose so that you can pay attention to your emotions. Also, allow your mind and body to relax and focus on the present moment so that you can release tension from the body, particularly in areas like the jaw and hips where stress is stored. Use deep exhalations to let all of the tension dissolve away.

Any exercises that move and twist the torso and work out your core, including your hips and your lower abdominals, are great for the sacral chakra. Even dancing can get you to express your sensuality and get your hips moving.


The sacral chakra is also associated with the sense of taste so, even though you can balance all of the chakras by eating the right foods, what you put into your body for nourishment is even more important when it comes to opening this chakra. Orange and sweet foods, such as peaches, mangoes, oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, and nectarines, are great options. You can even juice these foods to get more of their energy and color. You can also add curry to spice up your meals, and enjoy pumpkin pie for dessert to indulge while balancing this chakra. Stick with foods that need a lot of sunlight to grow, as these are best for this energy center. If you’re stumped on how to incorporate these types of foods into your diet, check out this course on healthy cooking to gain some helpful tips.

Balancing the Other Chakras

Finally, it’s important to note that when one chakra is out of balance, it will most definitely affect the other chakras because they all work together as one system. Therefore, don’t merely focus upon the sacral chakra if you’re hoping to bring more balance into all areas of your life. Instead, learn about all of the chakras and what techniques you can use to bring all of them into a state of harmony.

By taking a course that teaches you all about the chakras and how they affect your life, you’ll have the tools necessary to find which chakra may be out of balance and bring it back into alignment with all of the others. And you’ll also understand how to prevent imbalances in the first place by learning how to react more positively to various situations you’ll encounter in your life. All of these lessons combined will change you as an individual and provide you with more awareness about yourself and your connection to all the life that surrounds you.