The Rise of the Mentor

Udemy’s most recent product offering, including mentorship alongside a web development course, is accepting more students.Web Development Mentoring Bundle-v2

The Complete Web Developer course has assisted over 226,000 people in developing their first websites and learning how to code. The journey is both fun and challenging, and sometimes those challenges can feel insurmountable. Which is why mentors are now included in the package.

Learning with a mentor is proven to help people learn more and faster. Addressing any concerns with 1-1 mentorship helps students to break down any walls they may hit, and to quickly achieve their goals. By the end of the course, students have a portfolio they can showcase, and skills that are transferable to other development work they choose to do.

The value of mentorship is well known. However, in most cases, they cost hundreds of dollars. Udemy’s current deal includes the Complete Web Developer course alongside time with a mentor for only $69 (originally $105).

If you want to get in, you can take advantage of the opportunity here.