Retail Assistant Job Description: What Retail Companies Are Looking For

retail assistant job descriptionWhen you walk into a store, who is the first person you usually see or are greeted by?  That would be a retail assistant.  A job in retail is unique, rewarding, and very interactive. Just like any type of job, there are people that can thrive in this environment and others who are simply not fit for a retail experience.

If you are looking to get an assistant’s job in retail, you are probably looking through dozens of retail assistant job descriptions to see which one is the best fit for you.  For a better understanding of what a retail assistant job entails, we are going to help answer some of your basic questions about a retail assistant job description, the skills required, and how you can excel in your  job with the right sales persuasion skills.

What is the general job description for a Retail Assistant?

  • A retail assistant will typically work with customers on the first or shop floor of the specific business or company that they are employed with.  When met with customers, they will provide advice, recommend products, answer any questions a customer might have, and attempt to make sales.  Sales are important in the retail industry, because without sales, a company will not have the resources to move forward.  There are often sales targets that need to be met each month by sales people.
  • If a customer does make a purchase, generally the retail assistant will work the cash register and be able to ring up sales and deal with cash holding, or a debit or credit card transaction.
  • A retail assistant must also keep shop floors clean and presentable during the house the shop is open and operating.
  • A retail assistant must also have general product knowledge concerning whatever the store that they are working in is selling.  This is going to help them be as responsive and helpful to their customers as possible.

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What are some additional roles of a Retail Assistant?

  • A retail assistant will have to analyze the inventory in their store and memorize a lot of the items that are available for purchase.  This will assist them if they need to order more stock or arrange for a specific product to be delivered.
  • Retail assistants may also need to know how to price a product correctly in line with the need or demand, as well as update and stock the shelves with new available items.
  • Keeping the store presentable and clean also means arranging the store’s window display to keep things attractive and presentable to customers.
  • In order to successful sell a product, a retail assistant must know how to offer demonstrations or showcase the store’s products in a way to entire and provide wonderful service to customers.
  • No matter what type of store they work in, there are bound to be customers who complain, and a retail assistant must be prepared to deal with, and help solve, customer complaints.
  • In case of emergencies such as theft or burglaries, sales assistants must also know what to do and how to deal with a case of theft.

What are the working hours of a retail assistant?

  • Retail sales assistants generally work between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, as well as part-time, over-time, or weekend shifts.
  • Many retail assistants will work more hours during holidays and Christmas.

What is the average salary of a retail assistant?

  • In the United States, a retail assistant median salary is about $35,000 per year.

What are the retail assistant’s duties and skills?

retail assistant job descriptionThe job duties of a retail assistant will differ depending on the type and the size of the company that they are working for.  Generally, a sales assistant will be required to perform duties that are administrative or organization related.  They must also know how to balance multiple responsibilities and wear different hats in their position while working until little supervision.  Here are some of the seven main duties and skills that are required by a retail assistant.

1:  Customer Relations

Naturally if you have customers, you will have to interact when this.  This makes interacting with customers one of the primary duties of a retail assistant.  In addition to in-store customers, the retail assistant will need to hand outside sales by taking customer phone calls and replying to emails.  The retail assistant generally acts as the liaison between the customer and the sales manager or person.

2:  Managing Schedules

As an assistant a retail assistant is expected to help make appointments, confirm schedules, assist in travel arrangements, and take care of any expense reports.  A retail sales department can be stressful and busy, and the assistant is expected to help keep the flow organized and balanced.

3:  Computer Skills

Although most of their tasks require interaction, retail assistants also need to know how to use a computer.  They will need to input data, manage customer files, and communicate information on their sales floor or to other members of the retail team.  Thus, they need skills in Microsoft applications, spreadsheets, and data programs.

4:  Presentations

A retail department deals with a lot of sales, and a retail assistant will need to help with customer presentations and proposals.  They must be familiar with software such as PowerPoint as well as other graphic related imaging programs.

5:  Marketing

A retail assistant may also need to help manage inventory for the company.  This can include any marketing material, brochures, or product samples.  They may be asked to help assist in sending out these materials to clients, creating brochures, and proofreading.

6:  Flexibility

A retail assistant must also be flexible and be able to effectively respond and handle unforeseen challenges.  When working in retail, it is essential for one to be resourceful and have quick decision-making skills.

7:  Commercial Awareness

Commercial awareness can also be referred to as customer or business awareness.  When working in retail, a retail assistant will notice quickly how fast-paced and quick businesses operate and how decisions are made.  A retail assistant will need to develop commercial awareness over time to help in decision making and knowing what customers want.

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