relationship manager job descriptionThe relationship manager job description involves supervising department employees’ work while having other key roles. There is not very much difference between a relationship manager and a customer manager, although high tech or information companies have a tendency of using the title of this job for specific purposes. A relationship manager’s job description can very among different establishments but there are similar key functions. There are many job responsibilities that a relationship manager has ranging from representative coaching to administrative duties. Here is a course about maximizing your time so that you can get everything done that could help you become a more efficient relationship manager.

On a regular day, the tasks that a relationship manager is expected to deal with include internal customers and external customers while being ready to change directions at all times to meet the needs of customers and employees. Here is an article about the top ten qualities of a good manager that you might want to check out as it tells you which qualities make great managers. A relationship manager is responsible for keeping the department of customer relations running efficiently and smoothly. There is a customer handling department in every business whether it is an in-person reception staff, product information or tech support. Making improvements in the way in which a business interacts with the customers is one of the main tasks of a relationship manager and there are a few ways that this is accomplished. Here is the job description of a relationship manager:

Administrative Duties

There are several tasks of administration that a relationship manager is expected to have. For instance, time-sheet approvals need to be accomplished. Also, ensuring staffing levels are maintained by working with local resource planning is included in the job description. This includes handing absenteeism issues and scheduling time off. Other roles of administration include assisting representatives with Leave of Absence requests or Family Medical Leave Act requests. A relationship manager is responsible for keeping track of all the employees in the relations department. This means tracking job satisfaction, behavior issues, performance problems, sick days, and tardies. Here is a course about organizational behavior that could help you become a better relationship manager by understanding the behavior that goes on in most organizations. Relationship managers are traditionally given teams of fifteen to thirty employees in the department that they need to keep challenged, efficient and motivated. A relationship manager needs effective leadership skills for things to run smoothly.

Hiring and Training

Relationship manager do the hiring and training of relationship representatives to maintain the highest quality customer service. Some relationship managers in corporations incorporating formal programs of training oversee the sessions where new hires are trained.


Relationship managers will listen to customer interactions with individual representatives on recording and score these interactions based on the criteria set by the company. After this, the relationship manager will coach the representatives on areas they need to improve. Many times, corrective action may result from observation and the relationship manager has the responsibility to administer these processes for the representative.


Relationship managers retain customers using marketing techniques and help in attracting new clients. Strategies of marketing are put into effect to achieve this. Usually, software programs are utilized for maintaining a list of customers that can be informed when a sale is coming up or about up and coming items. Here is a course on how to wake up productive every day that could come in handy if you plan to pursue this type of career.

Following Up

Complaints and questions are entered by relationship managers into the computer system of the company. This is done for the purpose of generating communications to make sure all the customer’s problems are resolved and all the questions are answered. When a relationship manager handles cash often balance all cash registers after each shit and do bank deposits. Upper management is also informed by relationship managers of any outside influence such as data or vendor reconciliation problems.

Customer Service

The job description of a relationship manager involves maintaining the highest level possible of service to customers. In this task, one key strategy is providing staff that is adequately skilled to handle potential problems and incoming calls. During busy periods, the job description may require relationship managers to handle incoming traffic or calls. At times, customers also wish to escalate the calls and speak to the manager. When this happens, the relationship manager handles the call and allows the representative to be ‘coached’ while ‘in the game’ as the actual call goes on.

Customer Retention

Relationship managers are about fixing problems as they come up. Part of the job is to work on ways of improving customer retention. This can include getting old customers to return with periodic offers, following up on large problems and sales and drafting newsletters. Great programs for retention can save an establishment millions by preventing clients from searching for new locations to shop in.

Having a Vision

Having a distinctive vision of the most efficient department is something an effective relationship manager should have. A manager must be able to express their vision for the overall department and their team, as well as draft long and short term plans on achieving their vision. Relationship managers streamline systems and tools that exist to upgrade the services offered to the customers. This includes making changes to procedures and policies necessary for solving major issues. To gain a competitive edge, relationship managers also do research on competing departments. Also, a relationship manager is expected to act in their employees’ and businesses’ best interest and will be required to show improvements when the time for work evaluation comes around.

Qualifications and Salary

Relationship managers need to have several years of specific work experience and at least a bachelor’s degree, in most cases. This really depends on the company you’re working for. Relationship managers have annual salaries that range from advanced levels of $100,000 to entry level rates of $30,000.

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