Relationship Compatibility: Are You Right for Each Other?

relationship compatibilityThere’s no easy way to tell whether or not someone is right for you. Sometimes your complete opposite could end up being your soul mate, but there are a few things that can help you figure out if you’re compatible with your partner.

Even though it may not apply to every relationship, relationship compatibility is a great way for you to evaluate your partner and see what the chances are of the two of you working out. In many relationships there are key things that partners share, which make them suitable to each other. They can complement each other, and most importantly of all is that they make each other happy. These factors in relationship compatibility are ones you should think about the next time you go in search of your soul mate.

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Relationship Compatibility Factors

The reason why relationship compatibility is so important is that it can save you and your partner from a lot of dating fatigue. Dating fatigue is what you experience when you’re mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically exhausted from being in a relationship. A relationship can take a lot of work, but it’s supposed to be something that is fun and not a chore. The factors below are ones you should keep an eye out for and see if you and your partner match up with any of them.

Remember that a compatible relationship doesn’t mean that all of the same views should be shared between partners, but that the views and outlooks partners have are able to mesh well.

It’s best to evaluate how compatible you are your partner are within the first few weeks or months of the relationship. Any later and you may become too emotionally dependent on one another to want to break up the relationship, even if it would be the right thing to do in the long run.

Of course, compatibility is only one aspect of a great partnership. If you really want your relationship to be great, you both will have to put some work into it. If you’ve had trouble creating relationships with people you really felt a connection with, maybe it’s time you had a little help.

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Compatibility Factor – Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most important factors in any relationship. No matter how great you and your partner may seem on paper, there is nothing that you can do if there is no chemistry between you two. Chemistry is that thing that turns those awkward first date conversations into a night of laughter. It’s the factor that changes a friendly hug at the end of that date into a first kiss. If your relationship has no chemistry, there is a very little chance that you two are compatible.

Compatibility Factor – Hobbies

As obvious as it may seem, many people don’t realize that sharing hobbies and common interests are important for a relationship. Of course all of your interests don’t overlap, but it is good to have one or two things that you two can share together. If you prefer staying inside watching television most of the time, and your partner prefers going out on hikes and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, you two may not be very compatible.

A good remedy for this situation is to always be open to your partner’s interests. Sharing what you enjoy may help your partner find out that they enjoy it as well. Another great thing to do is to look for new interests that you two both might enjoy as well.

Compatibility Factor – Values 

Another thing that is important with relationships is values. There seems to be a lot of belief that people who have different values can end up happy together, and that is true, but the chances are slim if two individuals’ values are too different. If you have always had a strong focus on finances and traveling the world with no responsibilities, but your partner has always wanted to settle down, have a family and get a nice home in the suburbs then the two of you may not have a very compatible relationship.

Making a Relationship Work 

Compatibility is important, but there is also a lot to be said about how much effort both people is willing to put into the relationship. If both parties try hard enough, it’s possible to fix a broken relationship.

The thing that makes compatibility important is that it helps make fixing that relationship a lot easier. If there is something to hold you and your partner together, something that you two share, then it can make fixing that relationship and ensuring that it lasts a lot more likely.

Putting Yourself Out There

Before you start thinking about compatibility, you won’t find anyone if you don’t put yourself out there first. It can be hard, especially after the end of a relationship, but you shouldn’t let that keep you from finding your soul mate.

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