reiki hand positionsReiki is a form of natural healing that works by opening up and balancing the chakras, or energy centers, throughout the body. It also increases the life force, or life-giving energy, within an individual in order to build up the immune system and maintain healthy function throughout the various organ systems of the body. According to this practice, the state of the physical body, as well as the emotional and mental states, are indicative of the status of the chakras and life force. When someone is ill, the chakras are blocked and the life force is weak, but Reiki sessions can strengthen the energy that flows through the body to bring about wellness.

You can learn how to become a Reiki practitioner and you will be able to readjust the energy in an ailing individual through gentle touch and hand positions that hover over a person’s body in a non-touching manner. You will also understand how to use unique Reiki symbols, as described in this blog post, to boost your healing abilities even further. And you will even learn the skills necessary to treat yourself in the event you are ever feeling unwell. 

Treating a Client’s Head

Start off by treating the top of the head by having the recipient lie down comfortably. This area of the body needs to be treated no matter what conditions the individual is suffering with because it contains several meridians through which energy passes. By treating the head, you can also target the sixth and seventh chakras.

To heal someone else, stand behind their head. Place both hands on the face with your thumbs touching, covering the forehead, eyes, and cheeks. Just make sure your hands are not directly touching the eyes, but rather hovering over them. Focus on transferring energy through your palms to the recipient in order to heal the sinuses, nose, throat, and ears. This hand position helps relieve stress while promoting the flow of lymph. It also helps heal colds and hormone imbalances.

Next, move your fingers over the temples, placing the wrists, which should be touching, at the top of the recipient’s head. This focuses more energy on the brain and on the mind, promoting concentration while relieving fatigue and headaches.

Move the hands down a bit further until the palms are cupping the ears. The ears, which are filled with acupuncture points, will be treated using this hand position. Enhance your Reiki practice and learn more about acupressure points and meridians.

Finally, move the hands below the person’s head, gently cupping it in your palms. In addition to treating many of the same conditions as the other hand positions for the head, this one also focuses on healing back and neck problems, as well as the brain and spine.

Treating the Head Yourself

To treat your head, you will follow the same steps as you would on someone else. First, cover your eyes with your hands. Then move each hand and place it over your temples, with the fingers touching at the top of the head. Move the energy to the ears by cupping them gently with your hands. Finally, place your hands on the back of your head and transfer extra healing energy there.

Treating the Body on Others

Treating the front of the body will allow you to draw more energy to all of the other chakras, from the root chakra to the throat chakra. You should begin at the top of the body and work your way down. Therefore, the first hand position for the body will focus on the throat and its associated chakra. With the person lying down, stand behind them and place your hands in a cupped position over the throat, allowing your fingers to touch so that you cover the area. This position will treat all issues related to the thyroid. It will also stimulate communication while relieving anxiety that can result from a person who is being stifled.

Next, separate your hands so that one is over each collarbone and over the breastbone. This will treat the throat and conditions like asthma and allergies, as well as the lungs and thymus. If an individual is having difficulty accepting things as they are, this hand position will help the person view obstacles as opportunities and accept life as it is at the present moment.

To treat the heart chakra, place the hands above or below the breasts. This will allow energy to flow to the heart and lungs, relieving emotional problems, improving circulation, and boosting the immune system.

Next, move your hands to the lower ribs to stimulate the solar plexus chakra and heal the entire digestive tract while relieving nervousness, fear, and stress.

Move further down to the navel area and access the second chakra within the pelvic region. This, too, will treat any digestive problems while balancing the emotions to promote happiness and release depression.

Finally, to access the root chakra, place the hands over the groin area. This will bring healing energy to the second chakra as well, which means you can help someone who is experiencing everything from reproductive issues to kidney problems and even weight issues.

For treating these chakras, you can also have the recipient lie on their stomach as you move your hands down the back of the body, starting behind the neck, moving to the shoulder blades, the ribs, the lower back, and the tailbone. If you already have your level 1 certification in Reiki, you may wish to pursue your level 2 certification to make your healing even more effective, and you can do so by taking this course.

Treating the Body Yourself

To treat the throat, simply tent your hands over it without touching it. You can do so with the wrists touching and the fingers on either side of the neck, or you can place one hand over the other above the throat. To move to the next position, hold your hands over your collarbone. Then move the hands down to the chest, laying them horizontally over the heart and lungs with the fingers touching in the center of the chest. Keeping your hands in the same position, move down to your ribs and your stomach, and then to your navel. Finally, bring your hands to the pelvic region, above the groin.

Treating the Legs of Others

Treating the lower body is an important part of Reiki because many physical ailments can manifest there. You can begin the treatment at the top of the legs and slowly make your way down to the feet. You should treat one leg and one foot at a time.

Begin at the kneecap, placing one hand on it and the other hand below it. While this position can help heal any knee problems and injuries, it is actually also effective at releasing any blockages of energy in the lower body. And it can even help relieve a stiff neck or chronic headaches.

Next, move down to the ankles. Once again, you can place on hand above it and one below, or one hand on either side of the ankle. Just find a position that is comfortable for you and that allows you to really focus on transferring your healing energy to the recipient. This hand position will help clear energy blockages while stimulating the thyroid gland and lymphatic system to promote natural detoxification and a healthy metabolism. It is also used to treat any health ailments within the pelvic region and any problems in the throat or in the neck.

Finally, it is time to treat the feet, which are important because they contain acupressure points and reflex zones that are associated with every other part of the body. Place one hand on the bottom of the foot and the other on the top of it. Stimulating and healing these points will bring healing to all areas. In addition to treating every chakra by focusing energy on the feet, you will also be treating each organ. And you will help the recipient feel calmness and a sense of being grounded after the treatment is over.

Treating the Legs Yourself

If you wish to treat your legs, you can also incorporate your lower back into the healing session. Begin by placing your hands at your lower back above the area where the kidneys are located. Then move your hands towards your tailbone, setting them below the waist. Focusing healing energy to these areas will treat everything from heart and lung issues to reproductive ailments, digestive problems, and emotional imbalances.

To treat your legs, start at your knees, treating one leg at a time. Place one hand over your knee and the other below it. Do the same for each ankle. And when you get to your feet, place one hand over the sole with the other hand above it.

In addition to a full-body Reiki session, there are also shorter healing sessions during which specific chakras are focused on more than others. Once again, you can hold your hands in the appropriate positions, wherever necessary, on someone else or on yourself. However, knowing how to focus your energy to heal the body is the key to a successful and empowering Reiki treatment.

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