Jaime Brodie has been teaching kids yoga for 5 years now. She started shooting episodes 2 years ago, using a green screen. In the episodes, she takes kids on fictional adventures with characters like Pablo the Penguin and incorporates yoga movements into the story.

So, how did this Kids Yoga Teacher earn over $10,000 from her course during her first month on Udemy? Let’s find out!

Jaime, you have over 15,000 YouTube subscribers, and your most popular video, created just one year ago, has over 500,000 views. How did you get so many YouTube subscribers? 

We just made videos. After that, we did some paid ads on Sesame Street and we’ve run 4-day live kids yoga teacher trainings. Now, teachers in 3,000 schools across the US play our videos for their indoor Physical Education classes.

How did you earn over $10,000 in your first month after launching your Udemy course? We did a Facebook post in January. Cosmic Kids Yoga had 2,000 Facebook Page Likes at the time.

We are thrilled to announce that our first online kids yoga teacher training course will be launching in March!

We’re so excited that our teacher training will now be available for people to do in their own time, at their own pace – wherever they are in the world.

We are offering a half-price EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT. Register for yours by following the link below…

The link took people to a page where they were prompted to enter their email address so we could send them the early bird coupon code when the course launched. We had 200 people enter their email addresses. [Editor’s note: This is the perfect way to have people declare an intent to purchase your course. When José Maria Gonzalez used this pre-launch announcement method, over 50% of the people, 150 people(!), who entered the email address purchased the course right away.]

When we made the announcement, we mentioned that we were offering a half-price early bird discount for everyone who registered. We had 200 people submit their email, indicating they were interested in the course. Once we launched the course in March, 35 people purchased immediately at the discounted rate we provided ($100 rather than $249). We announced the early bird discount to our email list, giving them 30 days to take advantage of it. By the end of March, we had 95 students enrolled.



That is amazing! So, now that your initial promotion is over, how will you continue driving new students into your course? 

We optimized our YouTube channel to send anyone watching our videos directly to our Udemy course with an instructor coupon code. We’re also producing our next DVD set to sell through our website (we currently sell 2-3 DVDs per day), and in the new DVD set we’ll include an insert that directs people to enroll into our Udemy course at a discount.

We’re also redesigning our website so that our Udemy course offering is more prominent, along with our email capture. We’ll set up a few autoresponder emails to inform anyone who opts into our email list about our course and direct them there with an instructor coupon code.




So, how can you recreate this success for your next Udemy course launch?

  1. Identify where you have your network or following (e.g. current Udemy students, private email list, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).
  2. 30-45 days before launching your course, post or send an announcement (e.g. Facebook post, email blast, LinkedIn group post, etc.) letting your network and followers know about your upcoming course launch.
  3. Send them to a page with an email opt-in where you can capture their information and email them the early bird coupon code to purchase your course when it launches.
  4. Note: If you don’t have an existing website or a large online following, then get creative! For instance, email your network of 25 people who you think would be interested in the course or spread the word and just ask them to “Reply” to your email with a “Yes, I’m interested in your course!”

Good luck!

Have you tried this Pre-Announcement Launch Method? If so, let us know how you executed it and your results in the comments!  

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