Quora: Gain Influence, Followers, & Sales

Quora can be an amazing resource for promoting your name, brand, and Udemy courses.  We highly recommend Udemy instructors explore this interesting social media platform as a means of driving awareness of and traffic to your courses.  You can get started by simply searching for your topics areas (e.g. Yoga, HTML) in the Quora search bar on Quora.com:

Using Quora’s search, you’ll be able to find questions, answers, and topics related to your topic areas.  We recommend finding questions (either open or already answered) that you can add worthwhile answers to.  We also recommend commenting on other people’s answers as this is a way generate a dialog and get people to follow you on Quora. If you have the chance, we do recommend learning a little about Quora before diving in (see below).  Quora is very different from other social media platforms and it’s easy for beginners to struggle with it.

About Quora

Quora.com is a social Q & A website that is powered by user-submitted questions and answers.  It was founded by some former high-level Facebook employees and is now the 535th most visited site in the US (and rising). Quora is similar to Yahoo Answers but with a very different sort of community.  People use their real names on Quora, treat each other civilly, and reward good contributions with upvotes and punish (literally bury/hide) poor contributions/spam/abuse with downvotes.  You’ll see for yourself that the quality of the debates and exchanges on Quora is practically unmatched compared to most web forums/discussion boards. Here’s a couple places to get started on Quora (you can sign-up for free using your Facebook account or email): What are the all time best Quora answers? What answers on Quora have 40 or more upvotes? As you can see from those questions, Quora has some amazing (and often fascinating) user-generated content about a wide array of topics.

So how can you use Quora to promote your courses?

Quora originally had a policy against promoting one’s self, product, services, sites, etc.  Quora rescinded this policy and now allows for self-promotion (with caveats).  Quora released a blog post about this policy change: Quora’s Policy on Self-Promotion Take note of how the author (Marc Bodnick) bolded the part that says “users should make the site a great resource for people who want to learn.” In other words, Quora is OK with people promoting themselves on Quora if they do so in a way that generates knowledge, information and/or value for someone who is coming to the site to learn new things.  The one major caveat here is that you must disclose how you are affiliated (if you are talking about your service or product).  A simple way to do this is to end your answer with something like “disclaimer: I’m the owner of XYZ or I teach X on Udemy”.  You need to put something that allows for readers to identify potential interests you might have. Quora User Makiko Itoh gives some examples of good self-promotion in her top voted answer to the question What are examples of good and bad self-promoting answers on Quora?.  After citing some interesting example answers, her key takeaways are:

  • They all answer the question, with useful information.
  • The answers are quite detailed, not just one or two sentences.
  • The affiliation is clear (as per Quora rules) but it’s not in your face. They’re not trying to sell you something in an obvious manner.

How do I get started?

1. Build your Quora Profile:  Include a picture of yourself, your real name, a short bio, and links to your content (be it Udemy courses and if possible, your personal website) 2. Follow people who you find interesting and are in your area of expertise: Following people is a great way to stay updated on the types of answers/content they create and learn what is working (or not) for them.  Following someone on Quora can also encourage them to follow you (or at least get your name out there). 3. (Most important) Write great answers:  Write many great answers.  Share perspectives and ideas that haven’t been shared before.  Add knowledge to the site.  Share your story of how you came to be passionate about what you are.  Be genuine, be helpful, be fun.  There’s no way around it, adding answers is the best way to increase the number of people who know about you and read your content. 4. Ask Questions:  If you’re curious about something, ask a question about it.  Add the appropriate topics and ask people to answer the question.   Now go! Get started and let us know what you find!