Quizlet’s Phil Freo on the Importance of Mobile in Education

Today we have Quizlet product manager Phil Freo with us. Quizlet is an online flashcard service that lets anyone “study languages, vocabulary, or almost anything.” Phil is with us today to share his views on Quizlet and educational technology.

1.Tell us about Quizlet and how it got started?

Quizlet is a fun, free, way to study languages, vocabulary, or almost anything. We’re the largest and fastest growing educational flashcards site on the web, providing powerful online study tools and games to millions of students.

It was started in 2005 by high school sophomore Andrew Sutherland when he needed a good way to study a list of 111 French animals for his French class. He shared it with his friends and it has spread to millions of students since then!

2. What differentiates Quizlet from other flashcard services?

We have several different study modes and games to help you learn the material. Quizlet is all about making studying FUN, and allows you to share flashcards with your friends and even compete against them.

Since we have over 3 million flashcard sets online already, you can often find what you need to study without having to enter the terms yourself.

3. What do you think is the importance of mobile in education?

We think mobile is hugely important in education. The average smartphone is very similar in size to flashcards — it’s a no brainer that you should be able to study on-the-go on your phone. We want to make it easy for people to study between classes, on the bus, and in other places where using a computer isn’t possible.

There are over 15 mobile applications (iPhone, Android, Palm, iPad) that use the Quizlet API. http://quizlet.com/mobile/

4. What can we expect from Quizlet in the future?

We’re working on some really exciting audio features that will allow you to hear flash cards spoken in several different languages. It’s going to be really helpful especially for anyone looking to learn a language.

The Quizlet user interface will also be translated into different languages to allow people from anywhere in the world to use the site.

And of course, we plan on creating new and better study modes and games. One last thing: you can always expect the core study experience of Quizlet to be FREE.

5. Finally, what other developments in educational technology personally excite you?

Personally, I find online video content to be fascinating. While I think there will always be value in in-person teaching, the idea of a free library of online video lectures being available for anyone in the world to learn from is fascinating and exciting to me.

Thanks for sitting down with us Phil! For more information about Quizlet, check out their main site here. For more information about changing education, see udemy’s main site here.