Business leaders oftentimes think of strategy and purpose as the guiding lights of an organization. But workplace culture is a critical component as well, one that motivates employees to reach strategic and purposeful goals. 

When company culture gives employees a sense of ownership — and they feel as though they’re effectively contributing to larger strategic objectives — the company actually performs better. According to research by McKinsey, organizations with top quartile cultures post a return to shareholders 60% higher than median companies and 200% higher than those in the bottom quartile. A strong workplace culture is a key element in bringing an organization’s strategy and purpose to life.

In this week’s episode of Udemy’s Leading Up podcast, Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer at Udemy, discusses how companies need to amplify the alignment of strategy, purpose, and culture — especially during uncertain times. During her career, Daimler has led transformational culture change at companies including Adobe, Twitter, and WeWork. She shares lessons learned in her new book, ReCulturing, and contributes regularly to Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

In this episode, you will learn:

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