The challenges of balancing work and home life are often perceived as negative experiences. But what some may not realize is that strengths acquired from meeting challenges in each domain can apply to the other. For example, clarity in communication is a skill that is needed both in strong business leaders and in good parents. Ryan McGrath, CEO of Asset Living, writes in Entrepreneur that, “Clear communication is essential in every relationship, but just how essential it is becomes more evident in both parent-child and manager-employee relationships.” 

Being purpose-driven is another essential attribute for strong leaders. The ability to recognize what energizes you and having a clear purpose in both your work and life supports your own growth and increases your positive impact as a leader. According to Forbes, meaningful work acts as a magnet for maximizing a leader’s effort, intellect, and emotional and social intelligence. These are all things that also make someone a great parent.

In this week’s episode of Udemy’s Leading Up podcast, we speak with Erin Mara, Vice President of Talent Management at BJ’s Wholesale Club, a $17 billion per year retailer, where she oversees learning and talent development for 35,000 people. She discusses how she embodies both positive and purpose-driven leadership. Mara previously spent 19 years at Staples, ultimately becoming their Senior Director of Learning and Development.

She’s also a mother. We talk about how being a positive and purpose-driven leader can help navigate the world of business and parenthood, and how parenthood makes her a strong leader.

In this episode, you will learn about:

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