Puff Pastry Recipe Ideas That Rise to the Occasion

puff pastry recipe ideasLooking for puff pastry recipe ideas? With all its layers of decadent butter and airy, light good looks, puff pastry has endless versatility and is a regular on the circuit of gatherings. Due to the rolling and folding of the dough, not to mention the serious commitment of time you need to create this from scratch, homemade varieties make very few appearances outside of banquet halls and restaurants, if at all.

The good news is that the frozen version of puff pastry delivers all of puff pastry’s specialness without all the elbow grease and hours. This favorite on the freezer-aisle can get dressed up in myriad savory and sweet ways to create easy quick desserts, main courses and hors d’oevres. For this reason, starting today, begin to tell yourself that there is absolutely no shame in using the frozen stuff! Having a package on hand all the time can get you making tarts, pizza, pot pies, turnovers, cheese straws and palmiers at a moment’s notice. For home entertaining, frozen puff pastry is especially great, as many of the recipe ideas can be put together ahead of time and baked the second before your guests arrive. If you happen to be cooking for a date, here is a course that shows you even more recipes your date will absolutely love.

Puff Pastry Dessert Ideas

Easy dessert ideas involve rolling out pastry and cutting these into squares that are two inches square. In the center, lay out a half ounce of bitter sweet chocolate and roll this up. Get a shiny finish by brushing the top with an egg wash, if you like. You can even bake these in muffin tins, with each square in one space. Press the center, bake for ten minutes, press the center again and bake for eight minutes more. You can then fill in the ‘pressed’ center with chopped nuts like pistachios or pecans, cherry preserves or even a cube of brie. Bake another three minutes for best results.

Here is an article you might like about what it takes to be a pastry chef, if this is something you think you might pursue one day. You may even want to venture into the world of baking cookies, which you can do online using this highly-informative course.

Puff Pastry Appetizer Ideas

You can also use puff pastry to create appetizers. Little pinwheels or rolls can be made even at the last minute or made ahead of time so you can reheat this with time to spare. Brush each pastry sheet with melted butter and sprinkle a couple of ingredients you like such as pine nuts, chopped herbs, gremolata, pesto, ham slices, cheese slices and grated Parmesan. The list is endless, actually.  You can also try rolling the puff pastry into logs and cut each into slices that are a quarter inch wide before laying them on a baking sheet. Before baking, they look crinkled but after a few minutes they puff out into great looking discs. Bake these for twenty minutes at 375 degrees F or until you see that they are golden and puffed. You might even want to try adding on Gruyere cheese slices, ham slices, Parmesan or Dijon mustard. Remember: roll, cut, bake, that is all there is to it.

Puff Pastry Ideas Using Chicken

Roll out one sheet of puff pastry dough so that it becomes fourteen by fourteen inch square and able to yield four square of seven inches. You can use this for recipes like individual Chicken or Beef Wellingtons. Compared other simpler recipes, this might require more work. On the other hand, creating Brie and Chicken packets will take hardly any time at all. All you need to do is cube about a cup and a half of chicken cut brie cheese into smallish cubes. Mix a half cup of grated Parmesan cheese with two tablespoons of scallions and a teaspoon of fresh rosemary. Divide the brie and chicken between the puff pastry dough square and sprinkle the rosemary mixture on them. Fold each square corner to corner, dabbing water so the corners stick. For a flawless finish, brush each one with an egg wash and bake for twenty minutes at 375 degrees F until each square looks like a golden brown puff.

Want to learn more about baking? Here is a course on how to create the perfect gluten-free bread that is the perfect alternative to your chicken puff pastry recipes. These taste so good that you will need to prepare yourself to receive tons of compliments.  If you want to take this one step further, here is a course you can take called Online Pastry School that gets you baking like a pro.