publish onlineThe Internet is full of opportunities, and many content creators have leveraged the ability to self-publish books for Kindle. Since Amazon provides a self-publishing program, it is rather easy to write and publish your own titles. If you have written an e-book or are considering writing one, you might want to consider looking into opportunities on Udemy, too. There are benefits to sharing your expertise in both formats, and a demand for both e-books and online courses as ways to consume content.

Steps to Writing an E-book

When you create books for Kindle, you will need to follow several steps. The first is to write the outline and draft of your book. Then, you need to edit it and make necessary revisions, including the possibility of hiring an expert to help with the editing process. The next step involves formatting the book for Kindle devices. This is an extremely lengthy process and can be quite time consuming.

Marketing Your E-book

Writing a book for Kindle and listing it for sale on Amazon is the first step. However, there are other steps an author needs to take in order to successfully sell their e-book. Adding your book to only means that the book is now a part of the largest online store in the world. Somehow, people need to discover your book among the rest of the books, electronics, apparel, toys, and more. You might think that writing an e-book is difficult, but it is nothing compared to marketing your work against competitors. You will need to educate yourself about paid search, search engine optimization, Adwords, and social media marketing, and more.

Share Your Expertise without the Challenges of Marketing

Fortunately, there is another way to share your expertise without all of the extra steps that come with writing and e-book. If you have written an e-book or are considering it, it is worth your time to research creating Udemy courses about your topic of expertise. Udemy will walk you through the course creation process. They will host your course and market it for you. The teaching tools are free and you will be able to work closely with the support team, which will help you get your course up and running. When it comes to hosting your book for Kindle devices, you are on your own to get the process completed.

Write about What You Know

Books for Kindle cover a wide variety of useful subjects, but so do the courses on Udemy. E-books have been written to teach people about topics as wide ranging as how to create an online resume or plant a butterfly garden. If you can write a book about a topic, you can create a Udemy course for that topic, too. Some of the most popular courses help people learn skills that they can use to find an online job. While you are deciding what to create, browsing the Udemy website can help give you inspiration and ideas, especially when you need to shift your e-book idea to a visual presentation. This Mind Maps blog post can help you organize your shifting thoughts.

Especially if you are writing a non-fiction or instructional book, your Udemy course can actually be more user-friendly than an e-book to the end user. Udemy courses have a variety of formats and content mash-ups, including video lessons, screen shares, interactives, and supplemental materials that many people are able to learn from more easily than books. Additionally, many consumers prefer videos to learn new skills or advance the knowledge they already have. You will be able to visually demonstrate and create lectures in your area of expertise in a way that you cannot do in an e-book.

Work Related Skills

The popular courses on Udemy teach work-related skills. They include courses like Learn to Program in Objective C & Xcode (iOS 7) and Sports Broadcasting. The course creators designed the courses with video training, text, and quizzes to help you learn. In the best courses – just like the best e-books – students can leave the course and start to apply their new knowledge. Like your e-book, your course can include any information that you choose. It is helpful to present the information in a way that will help people learn, so like the Sports Broadcasting course, you could include quizzes so students can check their learning along the way.

Courses for Leisure Activities

Udemy also hosts courses for hobbyists. In the Arts and Photography section of Udemy, there are courses on fun topics like Drawing Cartoony Characters. People love to learn fun skills and Udemy provides a better marketplace for leisure courses than e-books. You could even learn how to decorate cakes with Cake Decorating for Fun and Profit. Whatever subject you can teach has a place on Udemy, so what is stopping you from getting started?

Price Points and Added Value

An important factor to consider is the monetization of your work. When you create books for Kindle, you do not have much flexibility with your prices. Studies have shown that the majority of books for Kindle sell at a price point of $0.99 to $2.99. Remember that people turn to Amazon for low prices and bargains. If you are not a well-known author, you will not be able to set your price very high. Because you can create rich, varied content on Udemy, you have more flexibility in the price you choose, and can justify a higher price point based on the value you provide to consumers.

Who Gets How Much?

With Amazon and e-books for Kindle apps, Amazon will get a large percentage of whatever price you make. The amount of money you can make is based on how high the price is. They higher the price, the more you make. But, you also run the risk of not catering to the bargain-hunting customers who frequent the site. So, if you sold your e-book for $9.99, you might see $3.00 from each book. So, if you sold 100 books, you can do the math. However, if you sold your course on Udemy, you have some options for prices and fees. If Udemy brings in students, they get 50% of the price of the course. If you bring people into Udemy, you get to keep 100% of the revenue from of the course. So, if you set your course at $50 and did not do any marketing, you would make $2500 for 100 students. The information you are offering to teach is the same in e-book or Udemy form; it’s the presentation and hosting that add the value to Udemy.

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