public relations job descriptionPublic relations entails improving and maintaining the public image of any organization you take on as a client. If you are interested in becoming a public relations – or PR – specialist, you should get to know the typical job duties that are required. If this position still appeals to you at that point, you should take courses that can teach you the skills you need to know for this career.


From the moment an organization hires you to repair its reputation, you will need to plan down to the smallest details. Each time you start a new PR campaign, you will need to research as you develop a strategy to promote your client. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PR specialists conduct research to determine how to get the attention of each client’s target audience. They also perform research on current marketing efforts and programs to find out how they affect the client’s reputation.

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Once the research is done, as a PR specialist, you will need to work closely with your client to strategize and then implement the campaign you come up with. According to America’s Job Exchange, this involves figuring out a budget and then scheduling events that might include the following:

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Writing is a major part of a public relations career, so you need to be adept at this skill. According to, you will need to reply to media inquiries that ask for information on your client or PR campaign, which means emailing is a big component of the daily duties of this job. Any communications that are sent on behalf of your client should not only be grammatically correct, but also clear and persuasive. If you need to take courses to improve this skill, you have plenty of options, starting with a class on writing effective business emails.

In addition, you can expect to write and edit the following forms of communication:

Staying Social

This job requires you to be social, so don’t let the long hours of research and planning fool you; you will not be sitting behind a desk and keeping to yourself on a daily basis. In fact, a major component of public relations is building relationships with consumers, clients, and the community in general. This means you will need to make phone calls and set up in-person appointments with a variety of people essential to your campaign.

In particular, you will need to meet with the clients who hire you to represent them so you can get a good idea of the kind of assistance they need. Once you begin planning public relations events, you will need to reach out to social interest groups, city officials, and heads of any organizations you will be working with during your efforts to promote your client. This job may also require public appearances, such as speeches on behalf of clients, which is why social people often enjoy the work. If you have a problem with public speaking, you can take free courses to learn how to improve this important skill.

After reading the job description for public relations, do you think you have what it takes to succeed in this role? What PR skills in particular are you proud to possess?

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