promotional ideasWhen you’re launching a new product, or wanting to generate interest around your business, often you need to take a new or a novel approach. If you’re new to this industry, this course on sales promotion is a fantastic place to begin. Your marketing efforts should make an impact on your customers, and take them by surprise so it forms a lasting impression. This course is great to learn the fundamentals of marketing, namely the 5 P’s that are behind every successful operation.

This article will cover a number of different promotional ideas, that will not only get people talking about your brand, but give you a stepping stone to generating more clients. If you’re interested to see some examples of marketing ideas in action, check out this recent post on different strategies you can employ.

Try some of these different promotional ideas and get your business buzzing:

  1. Make yourself a challenge, or an experiment to take place over the course of the year, blogging about your progress and even turning the final result into a documentary or a book.
  2. Hire a virtual assistant who has the sole role of posting updates and interacting with your customers via social media.
  3. Tell people and communicate what it is you’re working on. It could be the book about your experiment or perhaps you’re researching a cure for hangovers. If it sounds exciting, it will get people talking, and you never know who will be listening. If you do write a book, this course is fantastic for learning how to promote your book in under 10 minutes a day.
  4. Reach out to your network and call in your favors. There will be someone you know who can connect you to a magazine editor or a producer that can help get your story out.
  5. Set up and organize a pre-launch party.
  6. Create your own TV show on YouTube or your own website and start connecting with your clients. If a TV show doesn’t align with your product, perhaps you could offer “how-to” instruction videos on your industry or for getting the best use out of your products.
  7. Develop your pitch and reach out to magazines that may be able to run a story on you and your business. Even if you know your story won’t get picked up, it’s good to practice both your ability to self-promote and build up your tolerance to survive rejection!
  8. Even for online businesses, make sure you have a grand opening party. If you can time it so that you launch your business on your birthday, it will make the celebration that much more special.
  9. Have a day where customers “pay-what-they-can.”
  10. Boast about the awards and achievements you’ve earned, and don’t be shy about promotion yourself on your own site.
  11. Have ongoing promotions and giveaways on your website to help engage with customers. Set up a subscriber base where your visitors can send in answers to a daily Q&A and they’ll be entered to win the gift of the month. If you know someone or can convince someone to donate an awesome gift they will also be able to help you generate a buzz.
  12. Have a photo, story or a poetry competition that’s related to the industry. The best submissions can even be turned into an ebook, or you could partner with a publisher and arrange for the winner to be published.
  13. Pitch a monthly column and start writing for a blog in your industry. Take this as a base, and in six to twelve months time you’ll be able to use that column to pitch yourself to a print magazine.
  14. Get back onto Twitter, update your profile with new pictures, more descriptive bio’s and reach out to the experts in your industry and make a connection.
  15. Setup an auto feed to connect your Twitter feed to your LinkedIn and your Facebook pages.
  16. Create a new sales video, and send it out into your social networks.
  17. Host an online webinar, or a teleseminar on a subject you excel at and donate the proceeds to charity.
  18. Commission a local artist to make beautiful artworks for your industry. You could also reach out to a graphic designer and get them to create fantastic infographics for your business. This course will give you the information you need to create infographics that go viral, and will get shared.
  19. Have an old-fashioned fundraiser like a read-a-thon or a walk-a-thon. You could even pick your favorite activity and turn it into your own “a-thon”
  20. Give your products away for free for a day (or an hour).
  21. Do profiles of other industry experts on your site, at your events or in your books. Make them look fabulous and they’ll help share and promote their own profiles (on your products!)
  22. Host and support events in your city, like leadership workshops or getting groups of speakers together on a topic of interest.
  23. Start writing an advice column, and focus on giving hilarious advice.
  24. Think of how you could connect your business to current events, and turn it into an email pitch. Turn this into a show, (you need to spoon feed it) and send it to a producer.
  25. Volunteer and support volunteer organizations in your community.
  26. Create an affiliate program or a referral program and pay people to bring leads to you.
  27. Never say no to a single interview or writing request for the next twelve months.
  28. Find a way that you can sell your products and services to the demographic known as “mommy bloggers.” They have a huge network and are fantastic to help you promote.
  29. Use crowd sourcing to design a new logo for your company, creating unique packaging or build a new book cover.
  30. Start an award and recognize an individual for something unique.
  31. Link your blog posts to your book’s page on Amazon, so that they all automatically feed in.
  32. Design a special area of your site that requires password access. Send out the access to prospective alliances and retailers so they can access sales kits with video instructions, printable materials and relevant industry news.
  33. Create a new welcome video for your website, and make sure you’re speaking the right lingo for your industry.
  34. Send handwritten thank you notes.
  35. Hire a professional photographer and get new pictures of all your products.
  36. Create a blog and write meaningful content about your industry, your products and your customers.
  37. Interact with people who have blogs in your industry already, many allow you to post a link in your comments and back to your own businesses website.
  38. Offer special promotional codes to your Facebook and Twitter followers when they interact with you on your feeds.
  39. Create a monthly newsletter on a free site like MailChimp and start interacting with that massive list of customer emails you have in your database.
  40. Hire someone to specifically take care of just the customer service and communication with your customers. If they get excellent service, they’ll start telling their friends.
  41. Walk around in your community and look for free places to advertise. Many businesses have places you can put your business cards or flyers, like hair salons, in the gym or any other places potential customers may visit.
  42. Enlist your family, friends, and clients you trust to share and spread the word about your products. Word of mouth is one of the best advertising methods.

Use all of these ideas to get your own, because often the best promotional ideas are unique, and are one of a kind. To give you real life examples from the best in the business, check out what these promotions offered.

Take these examples, and the promotional ideas above and you’ll have a great base to build from as you determine the best ways to generate a buzz around your own business. Successful marketing is all about sending your message in a little different way, and you’ll be surprised at how many people you can reach!

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